Belly Rings

Fashionable clothes can easily show why the navel is considered one of the most attractive body parts, particularly when embellished with special belly rings. There are all sorts of such body jewelry that catches the eye and makes one feel good: whether you choose simple-shaped, gem-decorated or dangling belly rings, personal charm is definitely there. The good part is that you may adjust the various types of body jewelry to the rest of the apparel, depending on the occasion; let's take a look at several types of belly rings and see what each of them has to offer.

The first I'd like to start with are reverse belly rings; they carry this name owing to the fact that they are introduced upwards, from down the piercing, and the dangle is left to hang over. The only thing with this type of belly rings is that you shouldn't use them during the first months after you have the piercing made. The risk of low body tolerance and difficult healing is more advanced during this period; nevertheless, afterwards, you may use them on a regular basis. Reverse belly rings create the impression that your navel is decorated with a full ring, and they also have the advantage of not catching to clothes too easily.

Hoop belly rings are another type of jewelry you may use for the varied decoration of your navel; they are very easy to open and popular thanks to the easiness of usage. With or without gemstones hoop belly rings prices vary from $30 to more than $100 depending on the material they are made of and the design complexity. They are considered ideal for the first months after you have the piercing made since they don't take too much effort to insert and are pretty comfortable with a reduced risk of catching to the clothes.

Catalogs with wide varieties of belly rings can be downloaded from many sites on the Internet; if you are a big fan of this type of jewelry you may even subscribe to getting newsletters about the latest trends in the field. Furthermore, this is also a great opportunity of getting information on the great sales periods when you can enjoy the opportunity of buying belly rings for very low prices. Promotional campaigns are also something to look for too, as you may be the next to set a body jewelry trend, without even knowing it.

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