Belly Button Rings

Body piercing may add to one's good looks, but health concerns should never be left out in favor of external beauty. This is why the ideal belly button rings to be used for the first time after piercing are those made of materials that are not rejected by the body, and which don't irritate tissues. One such new material is bioplast and it has become extremely popular due to its high degree of tolerability. As the very name suggests, biological compatibility is the main feature of this primary matter used for belly button rings. There is less swelling in the pierced area, and the wound heals a lot more easily, not to mention that the risks of an infection are drastically reduced.

Bioplast belly button rings have to be thermally treated before being inserted in the newly pierced belly button, so that all the germs may be destroyed; the material is heat resistant tolerating temperatures of up to 121 Celsius, so no problem about that! Metallic jewelry does not allow the same range of movement as bioplast does, and in the first months of wearing the first belly button rings, you don't need to subject the tissue to any tearing. On the other hand bioplast is a lot more flexible as compared to metal rings for instance.

Bioplast belly button rings come in a variety of colors and shapes unlike other synthetic materials that don't have the color option included. You may either surf the net to find the best belly button rings or stick to a specialized site and take their advice on jewelry matters. Prices for belly button rings are very accessible starting somewhere around $3.5, but they may be as expensive as $60 or even more for those who are interested. Purchase your own belly button rings before going to the piercing studio so that you don't run the risk of being dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelry they provide there.

Last but not least, for those who haven't made up their mind on whether to turn to body piercing or not, the good news is that they may use fake belly button rings. Such outfits make great aesthetic impressions particularly when worn in the evening with a matching top. Fake belly button rings are also available in a diversity of colors and sizes, and shopping for them online should be great fun. You'll feel like not knowing what to choose, since the offers are great and the jewelry looks stunning. Enjoy the thrill!

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