Belly Button Rings Cheap

With the Internet being the most prolific international market, there are thousands of very comprehensive sites where you can make belly buttons rings cheap purchases, since price items ranges from a few dollars to a few hundreds. It all depends on the quality of the material used for the navel jewelry and on the nature of the stones used in the design, if there be any. While fake items of jewelry don't require such a high-quality standard when it comes to materials, there is a different issue with those that need to be inserted in a piercing, fresh or not.

The best times of the year to take advantage of belly buttons rings cheap offers are during the winter holidays season and the sales periods. It is the consequence of a basic marketing rule that before the launching of a new collection, salesmen try to get rid of anything that exists in stock; this explains why the price of a belly ring that used to cost $150, may drop to $30 during such periods. If you are a great fan of body jewelry in general and you have already subscribed to several special online shops, it's very likely that you receive news about the best times to shop via email.

One cannot ignore the fact that the rush to actually get the piercing made and the navel ring inserted, may be detrimental in influencing the choice of what is called belly button rings cheap bargains. Avoid buying silver items since they have a very low level of tolerance particularly when the piercing is fresh; the silver atoms trigger some chemical reactions in the area that may have serious consequences for your health. Furthermore, don't let yourself lured by shining gold navel rings before actually checking whether it is 18 karat or not.

Most moderate or even belly button rings cheap offers for gold items usually apply to 14 karat quality, which is not the best choice during the first months after piercing, since you'll have to keep the same ring in place in order to ensure proper healing of this delicate area. You'd be surprised to find out that even diamond navel rings are made of this gold alloy. It is not the precious metal as such that can cause you problems, but the other materials included in the mixture: they can be silver, copper, zinc or nickel, also depending on whether the alloy is yellow or white gold.

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