National Biodiesel Board

The National Biodiesel board, or the NBB as it is widely known, is the trade association that represents the Biodiesel industry as the body that coordinates the research and development of the industry in the US. During the early 1990s, the state commodity groups were giving the financial support to the research and development series for the biodiesel development. The NBB was then founded during the year 1992 by the same group and has since then grown up as a wide-ranging industry association. It main functions are the bringing together and communicating with the vast range of cooperators that include business, administration and academic world.

The members of this board are the technology providers, fuel marketers and distributors, biodiesel suppliers, the state, national, and international feedstock and feedstock processor organizations. While starting the association, the board of members had recommended a mission of the association. The mission states that the primary objective of the board is the progress the significance of members by making a substantial growth in the biodiesel industry. The expansion of industry can be achieved through excellent guarantee agenda, proper technicalities, extensive communication and public affairs. The board has dedicated itself to comprehensiveness and reliability.

The board has devised an agenda that makes sure that by 2015, the biodiesel industry will be known as one of the most important aspects of the energy policy of the nation that depends upon the renewable fuels which are clean and harmless to use. The market for the biodiesel by then will be stabilized with the help of the positive marketing. The board, with the help of efficient advisors has also projected that, by the year 2015, around 6% of the demand of diesel will be substituted by the biodiesel or the large number of blends of the biodiesel.

Around the year 1993 and 1994, the NBB or the National Biodiesel Board formed a subdivision known as the National Biodiesel Foundation or the NBF. Its primary task was to carry out numerous activities in fields of literature, science and education. It also consisted of the research and development of the uses of fuels and other goods that are obtained from the soybeans. The basic goal of the foundation is to acquire funds from outside the biodiesel industry and to enhance the funding of the development plants of the biodiesel.

The NBB has been up-to the mark till date as can be seen by the website of the board. The website, on its homepage provides us with the information of biodiesel as well as the current news that is associated with the biodiesel industry. The most important aspect of the website is that, it has provided direct links to the most frequently requested information about the industry as well as the fuel. This helps the new enthusiasts who want to join the industry.

The website also provides us with a direct search link on the top of the website so that you may search any information that you want. The website also provides you with direct links with the market segments and the site index which facilitates you to choose which ever topic you want. There is also a ‘members only’ area on the homepage.

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