Making Biodiesel

The most convenient and cost effective option for the petroleum diesel is the conversion of oil into diesel. Nearly all the major European vehicle makers now provide their cars with warranties on the use of a pure Biodiesel. Now-a-days the people are making their own Biodiesel in their own home and the home brewing of Biodiesel is completely harmless as nobody has yet had any bad experiences while making Biodiesel.

For freshers, start with the unused or fresh vegetable oil. To prepare your own Biodiesel in your own home, you will need the following things:

* 1 litre of pure cooking oil;

* 250 ml of pure methanol;

* Either Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide;

* A blender;

* Weighing scales that are efficient in measuring upto 0.01 grams.

* 1 litre High Density polythene container;

* 2 bottles for settlingl;

* Duct tape; and

* Thermometer;

All the equipments must be clean and dry. The process of making Biodiesel is as follows:

First make sure that all the parts of the blender are in good condition. You must also check that the blender seals are tightly shut. And all the components are clean and dry. Heat the oil to 550 C and then pour the oil into the blender. Now carefully pour the sodium or potassium methoxide that is prepared from the high density polythene container into the blender. Now seal the lid of the blender and then blend the mixture carefully at low speed for 30 minutes while maintaining the speed and the temperature.

The moment the process is completed, you must pour the mixture carefully into a mini-processor. After the process is completed, allow the mixture to settle for 12 to 24 hours. You will find that the bottle in which the liquid is collected, there are two specific layers. One is yellow and the other is a dark coloured fluid which is glycerin and is a by-product. The upper layer is the Biodiesel. The color of the diesel depends upon the oil used but is generally pale color and is mostly yellow. The diesel might be cloudy or clear, which is not much of a problem. After setting it for some more time, it will clear out.

You must then take a wash test. If it passes through the wash test, then wash the rest of the Biodiesel.

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