How To Make Biodiesel

Biodiesel is the best alternative to petrol and petroleum products along with petroleum diesel. Its preparation from biodegradable substances is the primary reason for the diesel being called the Biodiesel. The Biodiesel can be used in its pure form, but is also adaptable to a blend with petroleum diesel.

The preparation of this Biodiesel is a very easy task and can be carried out even in a ranch or farm. Biodiesel can be made through numerous processes. It is easier to make a homebrew Biodiesel than to make it on a large scale or in a refinery. The following are some of the ways that are commonly used for preparing the Biodiesel at home.

1. With the use of Vegetable Oil:

Under proper conditions, waste as well as new vegetable oil can be used for the production of Biodiesel.

a. Preparation of Biodiesel using new vegetable oil:

For the preparation of Biodiesel, there are a lot of kits that are available on the market today. For making convenient Biodiesel, you must first study the kit carefully and must first make small batches of it. For the preparation of a home brew Biodiesel, you will need the following apparatus:

* A blender with Glass jar.

* A scale which weighs upto 0 to 50 gm with the nearest 0.1 gm.

* One quart jar.

* A hand pump;

* A liquid measuring cup;

* Methanol;

* Sodium Hydroxide;


Take proper care of your guarding equipments and then pour 1 cup methanol in the blender. Put 3.5 gm of sodium hydroxide and put it in the methanol in the blender. Blend the mixture for about 5 minutes. The blended mixture is a very strong base, called sodium methoxide. Please take care to avoid getting in contact with it. Pour one quart of new vegetable oil into the sodium methoxide and blend the mixture for 30 minutes at low speed. Let the mixture to set for around 8 hours at room temperature. The mixture after the setting is a mixture of the Biodiesel, which floats on top of a dark colored glycerol. You can then pump the light Biodiesel out with the help of the hand pump.

b. Preparation of Biodiesel using waste vegetable oil:

The waste oil is more acidic than the new oil because of the high amount of fatty acids that are present in it. You will have to first determine the amount of catalyst needed for the preparation with the help of titration. When you determine how much sodium hydroxide is required, you can follow the same method for the preparation of Biodiesel with the new vegetable cooking oil. The end result is also the same, but there is a white layer in between the diesel and the glycerol. It is the soap and is present if there is even a small amount of water present in the vegetable oil. To remove the oil you will have to warm the oil and when the water settles down, you can remove it by the hand pump or can just pour it over the top.

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