Bio diesel is a fuel that can be used in diesel engine vehicles. The fuel is extracted from biological sources. Bio diesel is non toxic and so they are safer than diesel and petrol.

Pure bio diesel fuel is available in some gas stations in Germany. And some manufactures are supporting the use of bio diesel in their car. Yet there are many manufacturers who do not accept bio diesel as fuel. They encourage mixing 30 % bio diesel to ordinary diesel that can be used to run the car.

Bio diesel can be produced from algae, vegetable oils; animal fats etc and it can be manufactured locally in any country. You can use pure bio diesel or use it along with petrol or diesel to run the vehicles. It is proved that bio diesel reduces engine's wear and tear. It is mostly used in European countries.

We all know about global warming and the nNumber of natural calamities that are said to occur due to global warming, as global warming is increasing due to pollution. Well, bio diesel can control air pollution. The petrol and diesel are the main fuels used all over the world. They produce harmful gases like carbon di oxide, sulphur di oxide and nitrous oxide. All these gases pollute the atmosphere. There is only one alternative to this problem. The bio diesel is a natural and clean burning fuel that does not pollute the air.

Bio diesel is generally prepared with vegetable oils and animal fats. The vegetable oil varies from country to country. USA uses Soya bean oil, France uses sunflower oil and Malaysia uses palm oil to produce bio diesel. In India we use both edible and non edible oils like neem oil, castor oil, rice bran oil etc. they are cheap and effective.

Bio diesel is non toxic and bio degradable. It reduces the serious air pollutants caused by petrol and ordinary diesel. They reduce the risk of cancer and birth defects. Jatropha curcas is an oil plant that can be used to produce bio diesel. Although there are many oil plants that can e used to produce bio diesel Jatropha curcas proved more effective. This is because the plant can grow fast and it survives in draught season. You can use the seed

for extracting fuel and the remaining parts like leaf, barks etc for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes.

You can use bio diesel to run your vehicle without modifying the vehicle. Bio diesel is an agriculture oriented fuel. As there is decrease in petroleum product the world can switch over to bio diesel. This will also help in leaving a clean earth to our children.

Since bio diesel does not add any carbon it is environment friendly. In UK there are separate bio diesel stations where you can fill bio diesel in two ways. You can either use 5 % bio diesel with ordinary diesel or you can use pure bio diesel. Normally the cost of bio diesel is less than the petroleum diesel. As it is prepared locally within the country you need not pay additional charges for taxes. If you are more conscious about environmental pollution you can then select bio diesel.

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