Biodiesel Photo Bio Reactor

A Bio diesel photo Bio reactor can be used to produce bio diesel from algae. There are many research and development in using photo bio reactor to produce bio diesel from algae. This is an environment friendly and cost effective system and it can help producing bio diesel which is the best alternative for petroleum diesel. The new technologies used called photo bio reactors require only 3.5 hours to collect and process algae. You can use algae oil to produce bio diesel and some other valuable bio commodities. They are cheaper source of producing bio diesel.

The advanced photo bio reactor needs only 4 days to get the full production of algae. Bio king inc. is the leader in developing and utilizing the photo bio reactors for algae for producing bio diesel. They yield high and continuous performance. Bio king inc. is basically from the Netherlands. Photo bio reactor is ideal for industrial use. You can use algae cultivation using photo bio reactor to produce bio diesel in bulk and at cheaper costs.

Photo bio reactor applies the technique of 3 seconds light and 9 seconds darkness which will help in growing and processing algae faster. Photo bio reactor can be an enclosed funnel where there is possibility of light entering through race ways. The light source may be either sun light or concave mirror. Then algae are harvested at the bottom level f the funnel.

Photo bio reactor is the cheapest and effective technology that helps to get more bio diesel yields from algae oil. Algae will be a best alternative for other edible oils used to produce bio diesel. In future algae oil will be the most widely used oil for bio diesel production.

There are number of benefits in using photo bio reactor system. You can use the light effectively with he help of photo bio reactor and can get better yields. It can give greater yields than the ordinary methods. Only 3.5 hours are required to collect and process algae using this method. It occupies less space. You can grow algae under photo bio reactor system either indoors or outdoors. There will be less labor requirement in growing algae in this system. As there is no handling problem the system is safe and effective.

The photo bio reactors help to grow algae repeatedly for longer period. You can clean the place easily and so there will be no fouling. Therefore you can grow under this method for longer period of time. As they are closed system there will no compromise in hygiene.

You can get he yield within shorter periods under this method. The system will not pollute oxygen. They are environmental friendly and economically feasible for small producers. The photo bio reactor system helps to grow algae rapidly. This method helps to grow algae in all environments. You can grow them in winter regions like Antarctica too.

This system is very profitable and you can take returns from your investment immediately. The photo bio reactor uses algae to produce bio diesel at low cost. It will be the best alternative for petroleum diesel.

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