Biodiesel Comparison Chart

Bio diesel is cost effective when compared to diesel. Diesel is extracted from crude oil whereas bio diesel can be made with the help of any vegetable oil, used oil etc. Diesel is available in all fuel stations. But bio diesel does not take the form fully so it is available in selected stations only. In Germany and other European countries, bio diesel is available in more fuel stations.

Diesel is suitable to most of the vehicles. Bio diesel is also suitable to all diesel vehicles. Sometimes some old vehicles need small modifications. Diesel vehicles produce much air pollutions. They are harmful and they lead to global warming. But bio diesel as they are produced from vegetable oil they never produce air pollution.

Diesel is produced from oils imported from other countries. Bio diesel on the other hand is manufactured from vegetable oil and agricultural wastes available in your own country. In fact you can manufacture bio diesel from any vegetable oil which is abundant in our country. US use soy oil, Malaysia uses Palm oil and India is using neem oil, castor oil or rice bran oil. Mostly these oils are cheap and so bio diesel costs less than ordinary diesel. As you can prepare this domestically you need not pay the taxes.

Bio diesel manufacturing and utility is increasing day by day since it reduces the dependency on imported oil. And another important thing is that bio diesel never cause

any harmful pollution. They are environment friendly which is not a feature of ordinary diesel.

Bio diesel is the best alternative for diesel. It is compatible with all diesel vehicles with little or no modifications. You can convert the vegetable oil to bio diesel by adding methanol and lye. You need to invest some amount in bio diesel equipments like heaters, cleaning equipment, filtration equipment etc.

Diesel is safe fuel but it is not biodegradable. So if any drop spills out then it will pollute water and soil. But bio diesel is bio degradable. So it is safer than ordinary diesel. You can handle, store and deliver bio diesel in the same equipments used for diesel.

Bio diesel processing equipments are available in online and you can get them easily. Bio diesel consumption is increasing nowadays and Europe is leading in bio diesel consumption. Other alternative fuels to diesel are not that much effective as bio diesel. Bio diesel reduces the import duties that are spent on diesel. It also minimizes particulate matters. SO it will help to reduce global warming.

Bio diesel is a combustible liquid yet it is safe. It is the only fuel that meets the requirements of clean air act. It will give the same power of diesel while you run the vehicle. It is 7 % less than diesel but it is not a problem on road use. In fact you may not notice this small difference.

You should remember that winter may cause bio diesel to freeze and you may have starting troubles in winter season. Adding little petroleum will solve your problem. Irrespective of some disadvantages bio diesel is the cheapest fuel and it can control the spread of lung diseases and cancer which are caused by ordinary diesel.

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