Biodiesel And Small Batch

You can prepare bio diesel in small batch by using Dr. Pepper techniques. But be careful in bio diesel making as some chemicals are poisonous. Arrange for proper safety to you and your surroundings. If you inhale any vapor it will be harmful to health. So take adequate precautions to prevent yourself. Wear chemical proof gloves and glass for eye protection. You need Methanol to produce bio diesel. Be careful while handling methanol as it is poisonous and can be absorbed through skin or inhalation. It may even cause blindness or death. But it is safe to prepare with sufficient protective measures.

You can use any oil either new or used. Heat the oil until the water in it is being removed. If there is more water then the oil will pop on heating. So be careful. Once the oil is heated allow it to cool. You can ensure that water is removed from the oil when there is no sound in the oil. Mean time mixes the methanol and lye (NaoH). Mix 250 ml methanol and 4 g lye. The lye should be dissolved in methanol. You can stir it with a spoon.

Then pour the mixture in the oil with the help of a funnel. Then close the bottle and shake it for 10 minutes. Place the bottle on the table. Then you will notice that all the by products settled down within 10 minutes and you will get the bio diesel.

You can prepare bio diesel in mall batches for home use. There are number of techniques that can be applied according to your convenience in producing bio diesel in small batches. You can also get used oils from restaurants to make bio diesel. The lye and methanol can be obtained easily from chemical shops. So you can try to produce bio diesel in small batch first. When you got success in preparing small quantity of bio diesel then you can use processors and start producing for home use.

The main process of transforming used or new oil to bio diesel by mixing some methanol is called transesterfication. If you use waste vegetable oil then you have to purify the oil by removing the dirt. At home you can heat the oil at 120 degree boiling point. This will remove all the water from the waste vegetable oil. The resulting product will be dark brown in color. You can also make bio diesel from new oil.

If you prepare bio diesel in small batches at home, you should remember that you should not inhale any fumes. You can not use cartilage respirators here as they do not protect against methanol. Also remember that methanol and lye will not mix immediately. You have to mix them. Do not warm. The body temperature is enough for mixing. You can take even 10 minutes in mixing. Stir with a spoon. Always use gloves. You can also mix by shaking the bottle. Then you can add extra methanol because sometimes methanol may evaporate in mixing. The bio diesel will be unclear. It will take time to settle the by products and get the pure bio diesel.

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