Parts Of BB Gun

The Gamo Viper Express is a combination of rifle and shotgun. This shotgun sets the standard of first shotgun produced with a spring piston. Thus new opportunities for hunting with performance airguns have been created.

Maximum velocity and performance is achieved by the built of the gun on proven GAMO 1000 power plant. This shotgun has choked, smooth bore barrel with front bead sight and full raised ribs. Other features of this gun includes an all weather synthetic stock with dual cheek pads for left and right handed shooting, double checkering inserts of soft rubber double on forearms and grips and accepts .22 caliber pellets or .22 caliber shots.

The specifications of this shot gun are provided below: * The length of this gun is 43.3 whereas its weight is 5.5 lbs. * Break barrel spring piston air rifle * Spring piston break barrel single shot rifle/shotgun * Bull barrel smooth bore * Molded synthetic stock that is tough for all weather. * Two stage adjustable trigger * Ventilated, thick rubber recoil pad

The Viper Express shotgun has all the penetration and power required for hunting birds and small game at close to medium range. This makes it a powerful pest control for garden, home or barn.

Gamo Shadow 1000 Air rifle .177 cal

The Shadow 1000 Air Rifle with .177 cal is well balanced and has everything. It has twin check pads comfortable for shooting left handed or right handed, muzzle velocity of 1000 fps, all weather synthetic stock and TRUGLO fiber optic sights. It uses the mid weight .177 caliber pellets to produce 1000 fps. All this power is available with just one cock of barrel. The weight of Shadow 1000 is 6.2 lbs and its overall length is 43.8". Its steel barrel is Gamo's traditional mirror polished one. A cheekpiece and a Monte Carlo comb are sculpted into the black tactical synthetic stock. The automatic anti beartrap safety and manual safety with a two stage adjustable trigger are standard. Two color tru-glo sights are equipped with Shadow 1000.


Following are the specifications of the gun

* The velocity of the rifle is .177 cal 1000 fps * It has a single shot capacity * The action of the gun is spring piston * This gun has Tru Glow multi color sights * Manual safety * Overall length of this gun 43.8 inches * It has 33 lbs break barrel cocking method * The scope of the rifle is optional BSA 4x32 * The barrel is 24 inches rifled steel

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