Drozd Bb Gun

The Drozd also known as Baikal MP661K is a widely popular BB gun. It is imported by the EAA or European American Armory. The Russian word for Turdus is known as Drozd. It is named after its sound and the black upper receiver and yellow lower receiver and stock that was once available in the US. The newly manufactures drozds are black. This rifle is known as a single best for its single round, three-round and six-round fire. Its semi automatic version is only available in UK.

This gun is very popular with airgun enthusiasts and casual plinkers. This gun is in excellent condition out of the box but it allows many upgrades. Upgrades like mod boards increase the rate of fire up to 1200 rounds per minute, longer barrels for higher velocity, dyekit to change the color with the use of RIT fabric dye and adapters to use the propellant available from outside sources for example HPA scuba tanks or 20oz paintball CO2 tanks.

With the increase in the popularity of the gun, the new upgrades are constantly introduced in it. This gun is also rated as 10/22 of the world of airgun.

The Baikal factory is considering releasing a new version of the gun with features like 400 rd magazine and a bulk feed. This would remedy the 30rd magazine capacity and the Achilles heel of the gun. The 30rd magazine empties with half a second speed than the modified gun.

The IZH drozd air pistol is considered as the next generation of the bb guns.

IZH Drozd Air Pistol

This gun is powered by a standard CO2 cartridge and six AA batteries. Tests have shown the speeds to be over 450 fps. This gun has three switches on it. 1. The first switch is used to power up the mechanism for electrical firing 2. The second switch is used for selecting the fire such as 1 for single shot, 2 for three round shot and 3 for a six round burst. 3. The third switch is used to control the cycle speed that is 300 rds/m, 450 rds/m or 600 rds/m

The magazine of this gun is pistol style and it can hold 30 BBs and a CO2 cartridge.

The caliber of this gun is .177. This gun is CO2, semi auto, battery powered with a stock attached. The muzzle velocity of this gun is 360 fps. The length of this gun 13.75" and 19.5". The length of the barrel is 10". The height of this gun is 13.75" whereas its width is 1.75".

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