Daisy BB Gun

The Daisy BB gun is a BB gun manufactured by the Daisy Company. It sells inexpensive BB guns as well as other air guns. Daisy BB Guns -- Doesn't that name Daisy sound odd for a company that manufactures airsoft guns, airguns, ammo and other accessories? It makes a person wonder how the company got its name.


Daisy was originally established in 1882 as Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan.  In 1886 Clarence Hamilton, a Plymouth inventor, created a device that could fire a lead ball using compressed air. He brought his invention to the windmill company and asked Lewis Cass Hough, the president of the firm at that time, to give it a try. After firing his first shot, Lewis was so impressed by the contraption he said "Boy, that's a Daisy!" Since then, that name has stuck. The company then started giving out BB guns with the wind mill purchases and later, the company on seeing the commercial possibilities started selling the guns instead of wind mills.


Daisy is well known for manufacturing inexpensive BB guns. These guns are modeled after lever action rifles. Among these, the Red Ryder model is the most famous one. This model is still in production. Daisy BB Guns became a major part of many a youth's life, though the company was quite well-known, it had to fend off some competitors like Bulls Eye, Dewey, Hero, Dandy and Atlas. Today, these brands no longer exist. Daisy BB guns survived the competition, continuously improving their products as time went by.

Although Daisy BB guns were very famous in 1939, they were slowly overshadowed by the newer models that have flooded the market. Now, most kids use Automatic Electric Guns made by Tokyo Marui, Classical Army, KJ Works and other popular brands. Even though these brands have dominated the market, Daisy BB guns continue to survive in the market by creating new products and keeping them within the reach of their young consumers. Guns often come with a lot of fun extras like paper targets, ammunition and a pop-up target trap.

The BB guns manufactured by the company are spring air and smoothbore. They fire at very low velocity and thus they are marketed to the children below 10 years of age. Daisy also sells multi pump pneumatic rifles that are capable of firing BBs and pellets.

The diameter of the Daisy BB guns was changed to .175 inches around 1900.

Daisy BB guns are white pellet, smoothbore models that have rifled barrels. They are designed to look like firearms. They are used by adults for inexpensive firearms practice and training. They are also used in jurisdictions where there is a restriction on the use of firearms.

The Daisy gun model number 499 was billed as the world's most accurate BB gun. This BB gun is meant for competition. These guns have a precision bored smooth barrel with target iron sights. This is used with precision ground steel BB specially designed for the 499. The daisy 499 model BB gun is widely used in competitions for the youth groups like Boy Scouts and 4H.

The Daisy BB gun model 25 is designed based on the pump action shotgun. The pump action mechanism is trombone. This model dominated the high performance, low price market for more than 50 years. The earlier BB guns held 1000 BBs. On the other hand, the daisy model 25 BB gun held only 50 BBs. The ammunition in the daisy model 25 BB gun is spring loaded. Thus there is no shift required to reload another BB.

The velocity of the lever action models is very low around 275 fps. This velocity is due to the use of weak springs used for keeping the cocking efforts low for the youths. But the daisy model 25 BB gun achieved the highest velocity ever achieved by the BB guns. Its velocity ranged from 375 fps to 450 fps.

To sum up, Daisy BB guns are a good all round BB Gun. At 400 FPS, the BB's fired by this gun can go very far. The weight of Daisy BB guns makes it feel like the real thing. The mag doesn't fall out when the gun is hit in a vertical motion. They have a low purchase price and fantastic quality, Daisy BB guns will therefore be in the market for a long time to come. What started as a marketing strategy became a business that has lasted for more than one hundred years.

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