CO2 Pistols

The CO2 pistols use a disposable cylinder and a powerlet. It is purchased pre filled with liquid carbon dioxide of 12 grams. The larger model of CO2 gun use refillable CO2 reservoirs like those use in paintball markers.

The various types of CO2 pistols are described below:

RAM CP99 CO2 Pistol

This pistol is licensed by Walther fires rubber .43 calibre balls. They use a 12 g of CO2 power source. A single or double action trigger is used in these guns. The capacity of this gun is of 8 shot. This pistol uses blowback CO2 repeater with front as well as rear sights. Trigger safety is also included in this gun and the barrel of this gun is smooth.

The length of this barrel is 140 mm and the overall length is 200 mm. The weight of this gun is 900 gm.

Desert Eagle CO2 pistol

The desert eagle is the first CO2 pistol that has a blow back pellet system. This gives its user, a feeling of realistic shooting. When the pistol is fired, the moving top slide of the desert eagle is energized.

Picatinny rails are also integrated with the unique design of the guns. It allows mounting of optical accessories like laser sights, scopes and illuminators.

This gun uses a 4.5 mm or .177 pellets. The trigger is single or double action. The capacity of this gun is 8 shots and it uses a blow back CO2 system. The sights of desert eagle is non adjustable. This gun is available with firing and trigger pin safety with a rifled barrel. The barrel length of desert eagle id 5.7" or 144mm and its overall length is 11" or 280 mm. The weight of this gun is 1100 gm and the maximum velocity if 120 m/s or 39 fps.

Smith and Wesson CO2 Revolver model 586-4

This CO2 revolver features a 4" barrel, a 10 shot rotary clip with polished blue steel. This revolver is similar to the .357 magnum revolver.

This gun has a 10 shot mechanism with its material being of polished blued steel. The caliber of this gun is .177 and its power source is CO2. The barrel of this gun is of 4". It uses an ammunition pellets. The firing velocity of this gun is 393 fps and its weight is 40 oz. the length of this pistol is 9.5" whereas the safety used is internal hammer. Rifling is included in it with a fixed ramp post front. Its rear is adjustable for windage.

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