BB Guns

BB gun belongs to the category of air guns and specifically designed to fire spherical projectiles called BB's after the Birdshot pellet of approx. same size. They can be pointed, and are usually used for bird hunting but they can also be pointed. The modern BB guns have a smoothbore barrel. Its caliber and bore diameter is 4.5mm. These guns are made up of steel and plated with copper and zinc to resist corrosion. It measures 0.171 to 0.173 inches in diameter. Lead BB guns of larger diameter are also manufactured. These are used in rifled bb gun barrels. The plastic recreational bb guns are also manufactured by some Asian companies.

Nowaday's BB guns have a barrel bore diameter of 4.5 mm. They are made up of steel with zinc or copper plating to avoid corrosion and are 4.34-4.39 mm in diameter. Some manufacturers also make lead BB's of slightly large diameter which are used in rifled gun barrels.

Airsoft guns are also known as BB guns or pellet guns as they can also fire spherical projectiles. But airsoft BB's are 6 mm in diameter and are made from plastic or other non-metallic materials.

The most general power plant for BB guns is the spring piston type. The lever action rifle was the first in BB guns and still is the main in the inexpensive BB gun market. The Daisy Model 25 BB gun, came after a pump action shotgun conquered the low price but high quality market for 50 years.

Lever action models normally have low velocity of 275 ft/s which is the result of the weak springs used to make cocking efforts low. Multi-pump pneumatic guns are also commonly available in the market nowadays. The last type of power for BB guns is pre-compressed gas. The powerlet by Crosman is a disposable bottle of 12 grams of liquid CO2.

There are safety measures which one should follow while using BB guns. The guns should be used with proper precautions and should never be fired at people other than players. Simple BB guns provided by Wal-Mart can fire over 1000 fps.

Extreme care must therefore be taken while handling the BB guns, a lead .177 fired at or above 600 fps can pierce skin and possibly fatal if fired in an improper or inaccurate manner. Steel BBs are also prone to ricochet off the hard surfaces such as concrete or brick. Protecting eyes while firing from a BB gun is not essential but a safety precaution is recommended and advised. While shooting lead pellets safety measures should be taken as a bouncing BB retains a large portion of its initial energy. This can cause damage to the eyes very easily and can lead to blindness.

Cheap and simple BB guns are available for sale at Wal-Mart. These guns have a capacity to fire over 1000 fps. BB guns are different than airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are not harmful to humans.

Airsoft guns are designed to shoot casually at a random target. It makes for a recreational sport making shooting a pleasure. With it you can shoot up with amazing power. There is a wide array of selection to choose from. There is a fine Colt model for novice shooters, for the younger people as low as 10 years old have cheap bb guns sized for them. Whatever level of skills you have got, there is one for you. They can be a lot of fun as low powered guns meant only for target shooting or plinking. Using non-traditional targets such tin cans, bottles, and balloons filled with air. What could be more fun than that!

Guns for plinking are in vogue even girls can match up with their male counterparts. Online stores have bb guns even for girls of the human species have easy cocking effort. The receiver is lightweight because it is made of resin. Shooting at different speed the airsoft bb guns are ideal for shooting with paper targets and perfect for the neophyte. Plastic they are made of but would make good practice for target shooting. Perhaps you just have the making of a good shooter with this kind of plinkers. There is a warning however, never to recycle ammo like pellets as this cause getting stuck and the cancellation of the gun warranty.

Airsoft guns are crafted to be not capable of causing death. They make shooting fun especially one which you are happy with. This kind is normally referred to as BBs since they also shoot round buckshot through a smoothbore barrel. For ladies this can be easy to handle because they are made of lightweight materials. Smith and Wesson bb guns come in different assortment. You will have fun choosing from the collection. According to history, Smith and Wesson was one of the makers of plinkers who started it all. This company was an influential players in the BB gun market.

Air guns might give the pleasure of thrill and excitement yet safety precautions must be looked into. Even Airsoft spring guns can be dangerous but not as alarming as the real ones. Spring guns like the Colt spring bb gun don t have the speed it takes to pull the trigger because each time you fire you manually charge it by pulling the on the cocking lever. Compared to the airsoft minigun, there is no debate there. Miniguns are exact copy of the weapons in the military and police. They come high priced and can lead on to becoming a collector s item. It has built in damage control in case of misfires and misfeeds. Aside from thrill of owning one it can help boost self confidence.

All airsoft guns are not made equal. They come in types, forms, kinds of diverse functions and make. Take the translucent airsoft BB gun another good practice shooting for beginners. It possesses balance and excellent accuracy and provides shooters ways and means to sharpen their skills to accomplish their marksmanship potentials. But the Colt Delta Elite can pack a wallop. One model can fire six shots as fast as the trigger can be pulled. The swift fire pleasure makes it the ideal target training gun for any use. Have one and have fun!

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