Nascar Banquet

There is some good reasons why Nascar is one of the fastest growing sports in the country in terms of popularity. One reason is the sport itself is wild and exciting and very addictive. Another reason is Nascar fans are all about fun and whenever or wherever they gather, it is going to be a party. And the third reason is Nascar is as much about a culture and community as it is just the sport so enjoying Nascar starts long before the race begins and continues indefinitely after the cars are parked and cooling down.

The great thing about organizing a banquet to celebrate Nascar is you already have the theme and decorating ideas down. If the banquet is in preparation for a big race, you dont need a speaker or entertainment, just a big screen TV. The time is easy to set because you are just moving the tailgate party to the banquet hall so you just need a few hours before race time for food and celebration. And the menu is pretty easy to come up with. In fact, if you enlist the work of those fanatic tailgaters, you may be able to bring those many barbeque experts into the act and let them prepare the menu themselves.

Unlike a formal banquet, letting people serve themselves from conveniently located kiosks around the banquet hall fits the theme of a Nascar tailgate party perfectly. It is a good idea to set out tables so people can put plates and drinks down to visit and eat comfortably. But this is a situation where small tables and even a number of bar tables where people can stand and eat or drink are a perfect choice. That way groups can gather to discuss and debate and people can circulate around from group to group all the while going back for more food or drink as the mood hits them.

A great way to bring Nascar right into the hall is to decorate the food kiosks like pit stops during the race. Taking your ideas from watching Nascar, you can set up a half dozen eating stations brightly decorated and even put up signs like "Beer Pit Stop", "Salad Pit Stop" or "Barbecue Pit Stop" fits the mood of the party perfectly. If you are letting the expert chefs from the tailgate setting prepare and serve the food, make sure you allow for lots of socializing right there in the pit stops by leaving lots of room around the serving stations for stools and small tables to be moved in and out at will.

A banquet devoted to a Nascar race is nothing if it isn't informal. The crowd will want to have complete freedom to move about. There really will be no formal "serving time" but people can eat as they wish up to and during the race itself. That is one reason by sturdy paper plates and cutlery are a great choice for this setting. In that way, you can leave the professional caterers out of the picture, at least in terms of serving and cleaning up and just put out big trash barrels around the hall so people can clean up after themselves. Nascar people know perfectly well how to do that.

Have fun organizing this very unique and fun banquet idea. You can decide how to handle beverages to make sure the young can have fun too but not get access to the alcoholic beverages. But with a little planning and some creative decorating, your Nascar event will be a big success and it may become a tradition as well.

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