Michigan Banquet

What you want to accomplish, time of year, atmosphere and size of the gathering will all have a big effect on what kind of banquet facility you will select. Since Michigan is well known for extremes of weather, just the choice between an indoor or outdoor event can make a big difference. There is no shortage of halls throughout Michigan that offer rich options for beautiful outdoor settings for your banquet.

Be aware of the risks you take in scheduling a hall for an outdoor banquet. Part of your overview of facilities may include some questions about alternatives to move to if your outdoor banquet suddenly must move indoors. That is not something you want to leave to chance. If the facility is equipped to "bail you out" should the outdoor event suddenly become impossible, you will be glad you gave yourself that escape route well in advance.

The further out from the event that you start shopping for the right kind of hall for your banquet, the better. With over 400 facilities in Michigan to fill your needs, not only do you need some time to find just the right place, you should put some thought into what you are going for in your banquet and what kind of hall will meet that need. By narrowing down location, size, level of luxury and other factors before you make your first phone call, you can save a lot of driving around. And with gas prices as they are, that’s smart shopping.

Finding a great banquet facility is about more than just a building with plenty of room. There are lots of other factors that will make or break the right kind of spot for your event. A banquet hall is also about the services that are offered by the management and staff of the facility. If you need to have the event catered, the ability of the hall to make that happen is important. But keep in mind that if they cater events as well as provide the hall, that puts them in competition with other Michigan caterers and there are plenty of great ones to chose from.

Get a good understanding not only what the event coordinators and staff can do for you but what they insist on doing for you. For example, when you sign the contract to use the hall in six months, read it carefully because they may stipulate that you cannot bring in any outside vendors to make the event come to life. That limits all of your choices for wait persons, food, drink, music, etc. If the hall is going to try to capture all of that business, make very sure they can do a great job and that their prices are competitive as well.

By asking the right questions and getting a firm "vision" for what you want in your banquet facility, you can set out on your quest across Michigan to find the right place. But if you know what you want, you can have as much fun finding the right place as you may have at the banquet itself.

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