Medieval Banquets

Medieval festivals have become so popular in the last few years that in almost every community you can find at least one big medieval celebration each year. Those kinds of celebrations are when the general public come out and enjoy the reenactment that those who are devoted to medieval gatherings are capable of putting on. Of course, there is a more devoted community to the art and lifestyle of medieval recreations and those groups gather much more frequently. But it seems that at any medieval gathering, the heart of the event is the closing banquet.

There may be no other form of gathering that matches what goes on at a banquet that is devoted to this period of time. Whether we are imagining the pageantry and elegance that seems to go with these reenactments or whether it really was that amazing so many years ago doesn’t matter any more. You have to admit that to some extent the movies and our fictional depictions of the medieval era of history have had some effect on how we imagine them when everybody puts on their best medieval costume for a big period banquet.

It might go without saying that costumes are a big part of what making any banquet devoted to a period in history such as the medieval time frame work so well. So every participant who is planning on being part of a big medieval celebration should be ready to bring out their best costumes so make the event a success. This is one of the unique aspects of a medieval meal in that the colorful costumes and what each participant brings to the celebration is as much part of the decorations as anything the organizers did before the banquet got underway.

Everything about the banquet will take on a different look and feel when the theme is recreating how such an event happened in medieval times. The food will reflect the foods of the times or at least our perception of the food of the time. So from suckling pig to turkey legs to the wine and deserts, it is appropriate to try to use recipes and even present the food on period platters and table dressings so the effect is complete in every possible way.

The events of the evening would also fit with the medieval theme. You might plan some games between the knights to test their abilities. This of course depends on the hall and how much room you have to stage larger scale games. But even if you could not have horses and jousting, there is a lot of variety to the kinds of entertainment you can schedule. And because everyone is enjoying that sensation of being transported back to medieval times for a little while, it will be a banquet event that the guests will talk about for weeks and look forward to the next gathering to do it all again.

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