Folding Banquet Table

When you own or operate a hall that gets a lot of work accommodating banquets and large group events, that can be a terrific revenue generator for you. But you will need to do some preparation in terms of staff and supplies and furniture and other needs so that you can bring groups in weekend after weekend and continue to accommodate them well.

If you know well in advance that you are going to be setting up your facility for fairly significant numbers of banquet events, you can make sure up front that you put your money into quality so the items you do use often do well under a lot of stress. And besides the hall itself, probably the greatest investment you will make will be the tables and chairs you buy to serve your guests.

Not only do you want to have high quality tables so you have a good presentation for your guests, you have to think about durability especially if you will be setting up and tearing down banquets and events on a consistent basis. So how well you evaluate your furniture purchase with an eye for buying tables that will last through many uses can be a big decision early on.

In order to have maximum flexibility in storage and to be able to move your tables around for many sizes and configurations of banquets, folding tables is the way to go. Probably the part of the table that must be of the highest possible quality of materials and design are the hinges that make it possible to drop that table down and move it or store it. Those hinges will get used almost every day and at least every week. But on top of all that use in transition, during the course of any banquet or event, those hinges must support that table and get a fair amount of knocking about as the guests of the banquet put pressure on the tabletop.

That table must be able to hold up whatever weight you call upon it to support and do so without fail week after week. So put some thought into how those hinges are made and how they are built into the table as well. Hinges that are secured to the table with bolts that use both sides of the table top are the strongest design. The kind that are just attached from underneath are more likely to rip out or be broken under constant use.

Along with the hinges, the table tops also must be highly durable and look just as good after serving 100 banquets as they did on the first day you used them. Not only does this call for high quality materials but a high standard of construction standards are also needed so the table doesn’t develop dings or the rims do not pull away or so signs of stress too quickly.

When making large scale purchases during the time when you are getting ready to prepare a banquet hall for service, it is easy to think of cutting corners. But it is worth putting together a budget that allows you to buy quality for the long haul especially when it comes to tables and chairs for your banquet guests. These items will make or break your banquet business so buy the best quality and it will serve you for years to come.

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