Banquet Themes

There is always a reason for putting together a banquet. Whether it is a wedding reception, a prom, a work related celebration, a retirement or some other purpose, you are creating a special night for a special purpose. Because you want the night to be a success and for your guests to have a great time, tying everything together with a theme is always a way to make the decorations and the presentations all work toward a shared goal.

Even if you have some limitations because of the nature of the event, there is a lot of creativity you can put into the theme of the evening. Seasons can give you some good ideas for how to decorate and how to create the right mood for the evening. While a banquet in December will almost always suggest a winter or Christmas theme, one in the early summer may have you leaning toward vacation or beach type of imagery and decorations.

It is often a good move to put together a theme committee to take ideas and think though what would be a good theme that fits the purpose of the banquet and creates the right mood. If it is a celebration such as a prom or a seasonal party, you have a lot of leverage for a theme. But even in the case of a wedding reception or a company annual Christmas party where you have the purpose of the banquet to keep in mind, you can create a theme around a color scheme or something related to the event that can inspire a lot of creative ideas in your committee.

The other good thing about a committee approach is you can use the combined talents of your team. You have the practical minded people on the team who know what you can and cannot get away with thematically and what you can and cannot afford from a budget perspective. And if you have on the same committee the creative people who know how to dream up wonderful themes and ideas to make the banquet magical, you can eventually arrive at a theme that is both fun and exciting and realistic as well.

Once you settle on a theme in terms of a concept for the banquet, then you can put everyone to work to focus in on that theme. Once you have your theme in mind then subcommittees can coordinate the music, the speakers, the entertainment, the decorations and even the lighting so it all comes together beautifully. And if everybody does their job well, you will have a delightful banquet that will be remembered for a long time by those who are in attendance.

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