Banquet Tablecloths

You already know that you cannot just set up a bunch of tables and call it a banquet. The decoration and coordination of everything from the stage to the things that hang from the ceiling to the tablecloths, napkins and dishes all have to coordinate to fit a theme and to line up with a color pattern that works. And while that idea is good on paper, finding the right table dressings to make that vision become a reality can be a bit more of a challenge in preparing for a big banquet.

Once you have had a chance to define the exact "look" of the banquet design, that is when it will become more clear what you are looking for in the look of the table and the related items that make the tables tie so nicely with the totally feel of the event. The color scheme or any patterns or characters that might be important to the message of the banquet might also need to be carried out in the look of the tablecloths and other table related items. After all, the decoration of the table is the level that the guests will experience most dynamically. So making your thematic choices work well at the table level takes on a real importance to the success of the evening.

Once you have firm idea what you need, finding just the right table dressings is not as easy as the creative design part. Probably the least attractive idea is to buy the fabric and make tablecloths and other items. Not only is that an expensive and time consuming approach, in the end you may own numerous table dressings in a particular theme that has no practical use to you. So we don't want to have to go that route if we donít have to.

But you have an army of professionals that are ready to help you find a resource for your table linens that you might as well take advantage of. The banquet owners or those who take care of the leasing the hall often offer additional services such as catering and decoration. These folks are in the business of putting on banquets so your success is their success. They may already have on hand just the right tablecloths and other table decoration items such as napkins, napkin holders, centerpieces etc. So that is a great place to start.

But you have lot of resources to draw upon to find just the right table dressing so donít stop the search too early. You can also tap the knowledge of your caterer if you are using someone independent from the banquet hall. They also are in the business of helping banquets be a success and they might be able to point you in the right direction. But even if they donít, you take the initiative to find linen services who can rent you the table dressings you need.

Donít be too hasty in picking the right service. By taking your time and looking diligently, you may find just the right service that will have the table dressings that will fit your design vision for that banquet just right.

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