Banquet Table Set Up

Sometimes you go to a banquet and things donít go well. But many times the attendees at a banquet donít know why things are not working but they know that they aren't. If the service is poor and the servers have trouble doing their jobs, then the acts of serving and then removing food and plates can disrupt the conversation at the table or the presentation time. When that happens, it just draws attention to the problem. Unfortunately, it is usually the servers who are blamed when really the problem may have been the set up of the tables.

When you are planning a banquet, you want to rent just the right size of room that is not too small which makes everyone feel cramped but not too big which makes the banquet feel less intimate and cozy. Moreover, if the room is too big for the size of crowd you have coming, you are wasting money when you could have gotten by with a smaller facility.

So the importance of having a firm guest count well in advance is crucial. This can be tricky because guest counts can change. You will have to leave some "wiggle room" to add tables and guests or to move people around. As much as it possible you donít want to see tables with many empty plates and just a few people around them. This is awkward for everyone at the banquet and it reflects a lack of planning.

The more you know how many people to expect, the more accurately you can plan how many tables to rent and how big they should be. You have some choices here. You can go with round tables, rectangular tables or you could utilize bar tables for stand up dining if the setting of the banquet is in formal. But the final decision on what kind of tables and how big they are may be less about your preferences as they are about the practical issues of making the logistics of the banquet work well.

One great strategy is to work with a scale model to lay out the banquet all. Once you have the banquet space selected, spend some time in it and envision how you will organize the tables taking into consideration both the orientation of the attendees to the presentation area and how the servers will efficiently manage the banquet with as little interruption to the banquet events as possible.

The banquet organizers may be able to give you scale model materials which would include a map of the banquet hall that is in scale to the actual room. Then by using to scale models of the tables, you can move tables around easily to get a better idea for how well the banquet will flow with each configuration. This is a great way to work out lay out and set up issues before the actual banquet takes place and to know where trouble spots in the room might happen so you can prevent them.

Event planning is a skill and an art. By getting out ahead of serving problems by using some wise choices in the set up of the tables, you ensure the event will be about the guests and the presentation and not about how well the servers do at getting the people their food. And that is how it should be.

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