Banquet Server

There is a small army of people at any banquet that are to a large extent unseen and unnoticed but without whom the banquet could not function. They are the servers to attend to the needs of the guests at the many tables at any given banquet. The reason that these people almost become invisible is because that is their goal during the banquet. Their mission in life is to cause the meal to magically appear before the guests and move the actual dining part of the banquet experience from opening beverages to ending coffee all without drawing attention to themselves. In fact, if you notice the servers at your table at all, that means they failed in their mission because the least you are aware of them, the better they are doing their jobs.

If you did talk to these unique people, you might find that there is much they enjoy about their jobs. Serving at banquets is an excellent job for college students or retirees because the work is usually done evenings and weekends which leaves the daylight hours of each week available for other pursuits. There is some talent and skill to being able to move large amounts of food and drink around a banquet hall and do so without dropping anything or drawing attention to yourself. And because serving at a banquet is a very busy night, the time flies by.

Servers also occasionally get tips and/or meet guests at a banquet who can advance their careers. If one of the diners at a banquet owns or operates restaurants, they are often on the lookout for hard working servers who would do well in a more private setting of a fine restaurant where the tips are much higher. So it pays for a server to work hard to impress those select guests at any banquet by not being noticed by the rest of the banquet guests.

When you are planning a big event in which a banquet is part or the centerpiece of the festivities, the need for reliable and high quality servers cannot be overemphasized. Things you should look for in the people who will serve your guests are…

. Experience in handling food in a busy and full room and doing so without accidents.

. A servants attitude that reflects that the server takes pleasure in serving others without being noticed.

. Attention to detail so the server notices when the guests have needs and takes action quickly.

. Ability to think on his or her feet because something is always going on in a busy banquet environment.

. A proactive approach to work so the server is always looking for ways to serve and doing so without the need for lots of supervision.

. Reliability because they have to be there when you need them.

If you find servers like this or a service that has this kind of quality employees, hold on to them. They will be a benefit to you banquet after banquet and make the event take off each and every time.

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