Stomach Bacteria

Stomach bacteria are microorganisms, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. These Stomach bacteria can grow very fast as soon as they get most favorable conditions. There are some friendly bacteria such as intestinal flora or micro flora which is good form human health. These healthy stomach bacteria are helpful to release many useful vitamins such as vitamin K and vitamin B etc. The most important task that stomach bacteria will do is to maintain normal Ph level or acid level of human stomach. It is important to maintain normal ph level to remain healthy, but it is also important at the same time to maintain normal level of bacteria.

There are many types of stomach bacteria such as intestinal bacteria, which are helpful to digestive system also; lacto bacteria that keep candida and other harmful infections under control, it works almost like an anti-body. These bacteria will spread like wildfire in our systems. The most important advantage of this candida bacterium is that it protects immune system of humans from external infections.

There are many sources of bacteria, the common source of stomach bacteria can be food, water, air, our skin, mouth, digestive track or other areas of our body.

Some of the stomach bacteria may be good for our digestive system but some may cause any serious diseases. Some stomach bacteria may work harmoniously with our immune system. There are billions of stomach bacteria which said to be friendly or beneficial bacteria. Additionally these bacteria live in our intestine and multiplied into times to digest food. So these bacteria are not static. They work with body system and go. These stomach bacteria can get all the necessary conditions in stomach. .

Not all stomach bacteria are good, some of the stomach bacteria enter the body through the mouth, and they can survive in the acidic conditions in the stomach and can cause serious diseases and can be one of the reasons behind the death.

The relation between human and intestinal bacteria is very complex. These bacteria can grow in warm and moist environment. These bacteria can live off the constant flow of food passing through the gastrointestinal tract. There are several benefits of these stomach bacteria for instance they prevent any disease causing bacteria within intestine. It is also helpful for small intestine for muscular activity. Without bacteria small intestine will get less muscular movement.

There are many tests are available from which people can check for the presence of H pylori antibodies, If it indicates positive results than you have definitely come in contact of bacteria at some time in your life. Blood tests can also be used to check for anemia that can be caused by stomach bleeding. Breath test will help to determine whether you are infected from H pylori bacteria or not.

Stool test checks for stomach bacteria in your body, if a person get positive results than he may be infected from stomach bacteria. You should check for presence for blood in your stool that also indicates infection caused by stomach bacteria.