Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella is a gram-negative rod shaped bacteria, which are responsible for many diseases such as diarrhea and other illnesses. They are microscopic organism, which can be seen only from microscopes. The main carriers of these bacteria are animals whose meat which we consume in our daily meals.

There are two types of Salmonella bacteria, enteritis Salmonella and typhimurium Salmonella they are most common causes of infections in humans for instance these infection cases are most frequent in United States.

The most important thing about this bacterium is that it spreads from human food, which does change the taste, smell or appearance of the food so it is difficult to identify. It is also important to notice that it does not show any symptoms in animals can make people sick and voice a versa. Salmonella bacteria live in the intestinal tracts of host animals and humans.

Other Sources of Salmonella bacteria are food juices, raw meat and poultry products; also, some ready-made food such as salads can be source of Salmonella bacteria

Additionally there are other sources of Salmonella bacteria, for instance people are infected if they eat food from unwashed hands. Pets can be one of the sources of Salmonella bacteria. Therefore, people should wash their hand to not being infected from Salmonella bacteria.

Salmonella bacteria is a major cause of food poisoning , so in order to avoid food related disease people have to adopt comprehensive approaches towards food safety. Farmers, food inspectors, food service workers industry and retailers are the part of food safety chain.

When people are suffering from diseases like diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever after eight to seventy two hours of food then it will most likely they may be suffering from Salmonella bacteria infection. Some additional symptoms of infections that people experience are chills headache, nausea or vomiting. Some people may recover within 4 to seven days without any medical help but these infections can be life threatening for young people. People who are suffering from immune system diseases such as AIDS or cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases and transplant patients are most likely to get serious treats from Salmonella bacteria infection.

There are many safety measurements, we can take to spare your food from bacterial infections; for instance, people can prevent the bacteria from growing to high levels and destroy by always cooking at safe temperatures. There are many guidelines to prevent from Salmonella bacteria such as people should wash their hands with warm water for 20 seconds before or after taking food. They should always wash their hands after changing their babies' diapers and after handling their pets in order to maintain hygiene.

People should wash their utensils, dishes with hot water after preparing food item. They should wash their towels and kitchen surfaces in order to get rid from Salmonella bacteria infections. People should separate raw items and they should keep in cool and dry environment. People should not used raw food plates to place cooked food poultry or seafood. Use refrigerator to keep your food away from bacterial infection. Use cutting board for meat products and separate one for other products.

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