Good Bacteria

Bacteria are not always harmful, but they are also useful in many ways. There are some bacteria that are very safe, if present in the food and are also needed to preserve the taste and texture of the food. It is a general fact that bacteria love to eat. And we are the ones who benefit from the appetites of the bacteria for the proteins and the sugars. Certain foods that we consume and their unusual features may be due to the action of the bacteria that are not harmful, but useful to us. Good bacteria benefit us in many ways. You need them for your day-to-day activities. Like that of curdling of milk, the process will not take place without the action of good bacteria.

Benefits of Good Bacteria:

* Good bacteria promote energy storage as fats.

* The breakdown of some food is brought about by the good bacteria like the plant starches that is not digestible by our body. Thus the good bacteria enable us to extract more amount of energy from whatever we are eating.

* The synthesis of Vitamin K and some other vitamins also takes place because of the good bacteria. That cannot be generated by our body. They also bring about the breakdown of carcinogens, thus influencing the metabolism of drugs.

* Good bacteria help in the shaping of our postnatal development. Like for e.g. the help in the formation of our intestinal blood vessels from where the absorption of the nutrients takes place.

* The rate of the intestinal cell lining that renew on their own is increased by the good bacteria. Thus, we get rid of the damaged cells that may contribute in bringing about the gastrointestinal cancer.

* The good bacteria acquired by the infants from their parents as well as the surrounding environment during the time of birth educates the immune system of the newborn infant that further contributes in reducing the allergic responses.

One of the good bacteria such as the lacto bacillus is used widely by human beings for the fermentation and preservation of the milk and other plant products. Researches indicate that there are so many normal bacteria present in your intestines that they contribute for about 95% of the total cells in the body. These good bacteria help in the prevention of the bad bacteria that may infect you, thus causing intestinal diseases like Crohn's Disease, colitis, and cancer.

Good bacteria live in our digestive tracks that are probably known as probiotic bacteria. This probiotic bacterium helps to stimulate the digestive health as well as the healthy immune system in your body. Good bacteria are also referred to as probiotics. These bacteria are the beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. Probiotics is made available to people in the form of dietary food or supplements.

Thus, we can conclude saying that the good bacteria are required for the breakdown of the food, stimulating the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients in our body as well as keeping a check on the bad bacteria.

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