Ecoli Bacteria

E-coli is a common name for Escherichia coli. A German bacteriologist as well as pediatrician discovered E-coli bacteria in the year 1885. Today it is classified as a part of the Enterobacteriaceae family of the gamma proteobacteria. This e-coli bacterium is a very common type of bacteria found in the lower intestine of the warm blooded animals.

E-coli can get into the foods such as vegetables and beef. One unusual thing about this bacterium is that these bacteria are not always harmful to the human beings. The E-coli bacterium resides in the intestines where it helps in the process of breakdown and digestion of food in the body. But, eventually there are some strains of the E-coli bacterium that get into the blood through the intestines. This illness is caused very rarely but it is associated with serious infections.

Symptoms of the infections caused by the E-coli bacteria:

* Vomiting

* Pain in the belly and severe stomach cramps

* Diarrhea- sometimes blood passing through it.

E-coli are the bacterium that can be transferred from one person to another. The infections caused by the e-coli bacteria are mostly linked to the foods that possess these bacteria. When the person eats such contaminated food, he becomes sick.

Foods causing e-coli poisoning:

* The vegetables that are washed in the contaminated water or those that are grown using the cow manure.

* Undercooked ground beef that are used for hamburgers.

* The fruit juices that are not pasteurized to kill the germs in it.

How to prevent the infections caused by e-coli bacteria:

* The e-coli bacteria are killed by heat, so it is recommended that the ground beef should be cooked thoroughly and till the pink color disappears.

* Always prefer pasteurized juice, milk or cider for avoiding the possibility of infections.

* Wash and scrub the vegetables well before you eat them.

* When you are in a restaurant ordering for burger, see that it is cooked well and consume it only if it is brown in color and not pink inside.

* Wash your hands always after using the bathroom and before eating your food. This is so because a number of bacteria are present in your poop.

* Never swallow the waters of the lake, pool or ocean as if the water contains any human waste, then there is chances that they are carrying the e-coli bacteria.

The e-coli bacteria are found to be one of the major cause of the waterborne and food borne illnesses. Though some strains of the e-coli are harmless but these strains produce a powerful toxin that result s in severe sickness. E-coli bacterium present in water is a sign of sewage or animal contamination in that water. Hence the water can be treated by ultra-violet light, chlorine or ozone. The surface water sources should be carefully disinfected for ensuring that the e-coli bacteria are inactivated. These are some steps to avoid the infections caused by the e-coli bacteria. It is always better to prevent the disease before hand rather than curing it later on.