E.coli Bacteria

Researches shows that approximately 0.1% of total bacteria are inside adult intestines are the E.coli bacteria. E.coli belongs to a family known as the Enterobacteriaceae and its derived from the Greek word 'enterikos' which corresponds to intestine. This bacterium is named so because of the name of the person "Escherich" who first discovered and characterized these bacteria in 1885.

These are commonly found into food such as beef and vegetables, they normally live inside your intestine helps your body break down and digests the food you eat. Since the day we born we are never without bacteria they are located only in the regions of the body that are directly exposed to environment such as intestine, upper and lower respiratory tract, But when these E.coli bacteria enter into the blood cells from intestine they cause you a severe illness.

* Bad stomach strain and belly pains

* Vomiting

* Diarrhea with sometimes blood in it

Recently worst strain of E.coli was found in 2006 in fresh spinach and fast food hamburgers. Beef contains E.coli because most often the bacteria infect cattle. It may reside into the meat that comes from cattle. It happens when the manure is used as fertilizer or if water is contaminated with E.coli is used in irrigating the crops.

E.coli is infectious and can be passed from person to person. But the most infectious cause is contaminated food especially by E.coli bacteria. Once the person eats these contaminated food items he feels seek. There are food items that habitat E.coli they are:

* Undercooked ground beef specially used in hamburger.

* Vegetables that are growing with manure as a fertilizer and irrigated with contaminated water.

* Fruit juice that is not sterelized.

* Heat can kill E.coli so cook the ground beef well such that it will be no longer pink

* Drink pasteurized juice

* Wash and scrub the vegetables well before cooking them

When the symptoms of E.coli are found then the physician will run some blood tests and will take the sample of persons' poop. This can be checked to see if there is any harmful strain of E.coli present. Sometimes diarrhea is the main and initial symptom. It is better to take antibiotics to slow down its effect. It is not harmful till it is causing threatening kidney problems. With the proper and on time treatment the disease caused by E.coli can cure in 8 to 10 days.

* When you visit any restaurant, order your burger such that it is well done and it is not pink inside

* Do not swallow in to the lake or ocean, where the water is passing human waste or bacteria

* Wash your hands well before meal

The presence of E.coli or any other kind of bacteria inside intestine is beneficial for the development and proper body operation to remain healthy. E.coli with other bacteria provides necessary vitamins like Vitamin K and Vitamin B that we can gladly absorb.