Beneficial Bacteria

Bacteria were the only living organism that existed on planet Earth twenty billion years ago. They quickly settle in different environmental conditions. They reside in the bodies of the live organisms and all over the universe on the ocean floors, ice glaciers etc. Bacteria are mainly linked with disease, death and dirt; they are associated with the many bacterial infections in children and are regarded as the main cause for any disease. They are associated with unclean environment and are believed to spread only infections as well as diseases wherever they reside. However, many beneficial bacteria are used in the production process of many food products.

Bacteria are distinguished in various groups and are usually found in three different shapes i.e. spiral (spirillum), round (coccus) and rod (bacillus) shaped. They are also found in incomplete spirals. The rod shaped and the spiral shaped bacteria are mobile and are seen swimming around in whisking movements. The other bacteria are stiff and are called pilli that serve as a binding. Some of the bacteria can move only in the presence of natural oxygen and the other bacteria cannot function or grow in the presence of natural oxygen. They are found living on other living organisms while some species are found living on natural dead matter. These are disease causing as well as beneficial bacteria.

Bacteria are independent living cells with a membrane that part them from the outside world. They are not viruses and are not harmful and do not cause any health problems. Human body is a home for millions of bacteria and they normally reside on the skin, nose, gut and mouth. Although the stomach and the mouth form the inside, parts of the human body they are in straight contact with the outer world and are the main carriers of the bacterial diseases.

A human cannot live without bacteria, as they are beneficial for the functioning of the body. Bacteria help us in digesting the food, producing vitamins etc. Some diseases like diarrhea are caused by the harmful bacteria, but are soon taken over by the beneficial bacteria so as to lessen the side effects of the medicines which are taken when a person falls sick. Beneficial bacteria are seen growing until any outside factors disturbs them.

From ancient times, people have been eating food that contains bacteria and have been using different types of bacteria in the preparation of food. The oldest and the most famous example of bacterial usage in food preparation are fermented milk products and yogurt. Prime industries contribute in producing bacterial food products like various drinks, milk powder and milk products etc that are beneficial and healthy. Various species of bacteria are need for the preparation of food and food products. The variety of cheese available in the market is mainly produced by using bacteria in the production process. Sauerkraut and sausages are produced by fermenting the bacteria and are also help in obtaining the needed flavor of the coffee beans and cacao. Bacteria are beneficial in many ways and are used by various industries thus helping the world grow healthier

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