Bad Bacterias

Bacteria are generally associated with dirt. When think of bacteria the only thing that comes to our mind is the dirty environment around us. Human body hosts millions of bacteria. Usually the indication of bad bacteria in the body is associated with stomach pain, nausea or vomiting. Bacteria are minute and you cannot see entering them into our body with naked eyes. There are thousands and millions of bad bacteria that enter our body through various ways and cause adverse effects on out physiology. Different types of bad bacteria are Listeria, Campylobacter, and Salmonella etc.

Bacteria are found in three distinct shapes: round shaped, rod shaped and spiral shape. Some of these bacteria survive in the presence of natural oxygen while other bacteria cannot survive or function in the presence of natural oxygen. The later type of bacteria is generally seen growing or multiplying on other living things/ organisms.

Many a times it happens that we eat stale food that is stored in the refrigerator even without heating it. Sometime later you start feeling uneasy and your stomach starts aching. You are diagnosed by the doctor and he/she tells you that it is a case of food poising. Food poisoning is nothing but the indication of the amount of bad bacteria is which multiplies in the stale food making it unhealthy to eat. Food poisoning can be mild as well as serious.

Bad bacteria can cause food poisoning which may result into an upset stomach or diarrhea The food items which contain large amount of bad bacteria and which are un healthy if eaten in large quantities are raw food, unwashed vegetables and animal food like poultry, chicken, fish, milk etc.

Bad bacteria may make us feel sick which might have a bad effect on the health. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor if any of the symptoms are seen in an individual. Different types of treatments are given depending on the severity of the diseases. The person in whose body these bad bacteria enter might suffer from weakness and may feel dehydrated or the most common sight can be vomiting.

In such cases it is recommended to keep the diet low and clean. Avoid eating any outside food, cook the food properly so as to kill the bad bacteria residing on it, maintain a healthy diet, wash the animal food thoroughly before cooking as they contain many bacteria is and cook it fully. Maintaining a clean and hygienic surrounding will definitely help reducing the growth of bad bacteria in the places where the water gets accumulated, or the dustbins areas etc. Bad bacteria can be taken care of by taking small but conscious steps towards cleanliness and hygiene.

Bad bacteria not only reside on the human bodies but also in things that surround us. They are a common resident on the animal's bodies as well. The stagnant water is the prime spot where these bad bacteria multiply at a rapid rate thus spreading the infections and various diseases. Taking conscious steps towards cleanliness and hygiene will help control the spreading the diseases caused by the bad bacteria and lead a healthy life.

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