Bacteria In Urine

Bacteria in urine causes serious disease called urinary tract infections, commonly known as UTI.

UTI is an urge incontinence that involves a strong, sudden need to urinate, chasing behind the bladder contraction that result in leakage.

Usually bacteria in urine causes UTI, they used to live in the digestive tract. They enter into the urethra travel along the bladder and kidneys. Most often, your body removes these bacteria and hence the body shows no symptoms.

Function of the Lower urinary tract, the kidneys and the nervous system is to hold urine and maintain continence. The person should have an ability to recognize and appropriately respond to the urge to urinate.

Urge incontinence is the leakage of urine caused by the bladder muscles that contract improperly or by neurological injuries, neurological diseases, infection, and bladder inflammation.

* Urinary urgency i.e. sudden and urgent need to urinate

* regular urination in day time and at night

* instinctive loss of urine, burning feeling

Signs and tests:

Your urine will be checked here with the help of microscope for bacteria and infection fighting cells. You will have to go through the physical examination like woman will have pelvic exam and men will have genital exam it wont revel you anything abnormal, but neurological abnormalities may be found.

This test provides the following information:

* PVR- which gives the amount of urine left after urination

* Urinalysis or urine content that shows the bacteria in urine that caused the urinary tract infection

* Pelvic or abdominal ultra sound test for woman

* X-rays with contrast dye.

* Cystoscopy, urodynamic studies

* Urinary stress test

Once it has been diagnose that your symptoms are because of infection, Different approaches are used to deal with urinary tract, which is to be cure. Physician will then prescribe you antibiotics, which can kill bacteria causing the infection. Antibiotics will depend on the type of bacteria found in urine.

If it is the initial stage then you will be given 3 days of therapy, if the infection is more serious then prescription will be of more than 7 days. Carefully follow the instructions given.

There are several type of medication used to treat the UTI:

* Anticholinergic agents

* Antispasmodic

* Tricyclic antidepressants

* Oxybutenine and tolteroidne which will make you feel relax

In some cases, surgery becomes necessary to treat the urge incontinence, which is aimed to increase the storage capability of the bladder at the same time to decrease the pressure within it. Usually surgery is appropriate for the patients who have injury. In their bladder or they are having unstable bladder and are not capable of storing the urine.

Is there any possibility of UTI return?

In case of healthy woman it happens rarely, but one out of five women can be infectious with its return. Some women may get three or more UTIs a year. Most often the people who have diabetes they make it difficult to urinate and hence may get repeat infection.