Antique Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are items that are similar to baits to which fish get attracted. Conventionally, live worms or such other small, living animals were used for the same purpose. But later even artificial fishing lures were used. Artificial baits could be reused each time. These antique fishing lures have become popular have become popular collectible items over the years.

The oldest lure manufacturing company was established in 1860s. The first commercially made lures were available in Michigan and Ohio. The companies that made these artificial fishing lures were Heddon, William Shakespeare Jr and Pflueger. They dominated the fishing lures market for above 40 years that is from 1900 to 1940. The earliest lures were prepared by the company at home. They prepared the later lures using carvings on wood with glass eyes which made the fishing lures very exquisite.

The antique fishing lures date back to the time. In 1898, the fishing lures were carved frog shaped lures attached to broom sticks. This simple kind of lure was successful in attracting fish to it. From there, began the idea of commercially prepared artificial lures.

The antique fishing lures are made out of wood or metal. These lures are painted with attractive colors to lure different kinds of fish. The antique fishing lures are classified based on the size, weight, material, color and many other more factors. These fishing lures could help catch any kinds of fish. Moreover the condition and the age of the lures were important for determining its value. For example, a ‘mint’ lure in a very good condition fetches far more than the one in an average condition.

Sometimes even the paint was considered as an important factor in deciding the value of lures. Metal lures also had a great commercial value. many collectors and buyers were even interested by the rare plastic lures as they had longer life and were comparatively cheaper.

The wooden lures were much popular than any other kinds of lures. These lures were made available for casual use from the 1800s. Wooden fishing lures dominated the market from 1915 to the 1950s.

Early 20th century fishing lures are available even today. Collecting fishing lures has become a hobby for many people. Antique fishing lures has also become a sort of collectible. Well decorated wooden boxes are also available for holding these artificial fishing lures. They are exquisitely decorated and have compartments for keeping the lures. Different collectors of the lures pay only a small amount of money to get hold of these boxes as well as lures.

The antique fishing lures are available on the Internet biddings, auctions as well as passed down as heirlooms. These lures are also available at antique stores. Some well preserved antique lures are hard to find but the dealers can fix them for interested buyers. A great deal of information can be found on these lures from the different dealers and shops.

Today antique fishing lures are available at reasonable costs. These lures are considered to be fortunes and people consider themselves lucky to get hold of one. As they are reasonable in cost many people are interested in buying them because of their value and rustic charm.

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