Antique Fireplace Mantels

Antique fireplace mantels are important pieces of furniture. They provide a classic look to the living room. These mantels are cheaper than brand new ones. Also, the antique dealer can refurnish and polish the antique mantels and make them shine as new. Simple but elegant and classic designs are the main features of these mantels. Classic timeless pieces from the Italian Renaissance or Edwardian era are the best options to choose from.

While choosing from a variety of mantels, generally, those offered by the dealers are mainly stone and wood. Various kinds of woods such as oak, mahogany, pine etc. are used for the manufacture of the fireplace mantels. If made from stone there is a variety of material namely, marble, limestone, slate and granite. For best results, it is recommended that a balance is struck between the material used and the type of fireplace mantel.

The most popular kind of fireplace mantel is the European or the Victorian style. Mostly sculptures were used in this style which was a perfect combination of design, proportion and many other details. European era has been very splendidly depicted in these mantels and they speak of its glory. If anyone desires to decorate a house keeping a particular era in mind then European mantels are the best and the obvious choice. The earliest known mantel piece is the one in the Kings House in Southampton. It was manufactured in the 12th century and is a classic example of splendid master pieces.

The fireplace mantels have originated in the medieval era. The most wonderful example of the early Renaissance style is the mantelpiece of the Palais de Justice at Burges. It is made of oak and has beautiful carvings. Seventeenth century English era saw the introduction of pure Italian style of fireplace mantel pieces. These mantels were very simple in style but had an elegant look. It was only in the latter part of the 17th century that bolder and molding styles were introduced. In the 18th century the rise of French style of architecture was seen and the designs of the mantels too were influenced by the French style. The other different but very elegant styles of fireplace mantels include the Classic, Victorian, American, Gothic etc.

Antique fireplace mantels of the above mentioned eras and designs have gained a lot of popularity today. Choice of material is obviously stones such as marble, granite or elegant wood. Only antique fireplace mantels display the skill in these materials. Today only few of the above said materials are used. Antique mantels also are carved with a number of designs such as fruits, vegetation, brackets and many more. It truly enhances the beauty of the room and provides an elegant and a classy look.

Antique fireplace mantels attract many people even today because of its simplicity, elegance and cost effectiveness. Many people opt for these antiquities when buying a new home. The antique mantels can be bought from an antique dealer, auctions or web site biddings.

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