Antique Engagement Rings

An antique engagement ring is a best gift anyone can give to their beloved. It has an intrinsic charm, beauty and uniqueness. Generally antique engagement rings are cheaper, have better craftsmanship than modern rings and generally considered heirlooms. Hence, they are the best gifts that can be given.

Antique engagement rings are usually more than 50 years old. They are also known as vintage engagement rings and jewelers instantly know that the buyer is asking for any ring before the year 1950. The different styles used for making the rings were as follows;

Victorian antique engagement rings are the rings that date back to period from 1835 to 1900. They were often set in yellow or rose red gold. They had simple, elegant and delicate designs which included flowers, bows, hearts and birds. Victorian rings also included diamonds. During that period the diamond mines of South Africa were discovered newly and hence diamonds were available in plenty. Rows of diamonds with an extra facet cut were often used in making the engagement rings. For example, one of the classic Victorian style engagement rings is the Tiffany six- pronged diamond ring which was made in the year 1886. The Victorian rings also had pearls included in them. However, it is recommended that these rings are not for everyday use.

Edwardian engagement rings date back to the period from 1900 to 1920. Platinum was extensively used in making jewellery during this era. Light and soft designs were used during this period. Exotic laces, piercing shapes, scroll work, filigree work and graining was used by jewelers to adorn the mountings of the rings. Rose cut diamonds were in vogue and so were sapphires. These precious stones were used in abundance in the Edwardian era.

Art Deco engagement rings existed in the period from 1920 to 1930. During these years, machinery had been introduced. Jazz, exploring different designs and patterns, and exquisiteness were of foremost importance. References to the Egyptian, Asian and Native American styles were made to create these master pieces. They had a bit of charm from the Edwardian era. However, multi colored gemstones, platinum and diamonds were used to create a sparkling and well lined look. The shift from soft colors to bold ones with straight and clear lines was visible during this era. Even today, Art Deco rings re the most popular of the vintage engagement rings.

Art Nouveau rings had a drift toward the fashion trends. The era saw the personification of art for arts sake and nothing else.

Antique engagement rings can be found at many different places namely jewelers, antique stores, pawn shops, estate sales, and online web site auctions. Antique jewellery pieces can be found at reputed shops and hence buyers should be cautious of fraudulent pieces. Buyers are recommended to ask for valid bills and descriptions including age, size, condition, color, clarity, cut and carat. Some tips to be remembered while buying and maintaining rings are as follows;

* Precious stones should be checked for cracks and splits as softer stones such as emerald, pearl, etc can be easily damaged.

* Authenticity of the ring should be checked.

* Cleaning of antique engagement rings must be done very gently. Mild soaps and tepid water can be used for the same.

Couples from all around the world opt for these rings as antique engagement rings have gained a lot of popularity and prominence.

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