How To Draw Anime

There are many budding animators and aspiring cartoonists out in the world. These people have different ideas about the characters that inhabit their minds. This includes any person who desires to animate anime characters. While there are many devices that can help you to draw your animated characters you will still need to know how to draw anime characters which will capture the imaginations of your audience.

In order to get good results when you are learning how to draw anime you should have a number of sheets of paper handy. You will also need different types of pencils – which are in a varying state of sharpness – on hand. The final items that you will need when you are practicing how to draw anime are a good eraser and some anime reference material.

Once you have gathered all of these items you need to understand that the reference material and any guidelines that you have found are merely the beginnings in your adventure into drawing anime. The first that you will need to do when you are learning how to draw anime is to think of one image that you want to draw.

Once you have this figure captured clearly in your mind you will need to start drawing a rough sketch. The first step in your learning how to draw anime figures is to draw the outline of the body. At this stage don’t worry about defining the figure characteristics. One you have gotten the body shape outline you can start getting the head, arms and legs drawn and attached to the body.

These areas too should be roughly drawn so that you can figure out the exact shape that you want the figure to take. Once you have this shape chosen you will need to slowly create the right body form. Once you are satisfied with this form – just the outline shape – you will need to erase the extra unwanted lines from the anime body.

This step in your how to draw anime learning completed, you will need to shape the arms and the legs so that they resemble the final version of your drawing. As with the body you will need to erase any lines that are not part of the needed anime figure.

Once the outlines to the body and appendages have been neatened, you can start the process of making the figure look more “lifelike”. This is accomplished by adding the various features which distinguish a 3 dimensional figure from a 2 dimensional one. After you are satisfied with how the body looks you can start the process of getting the head and the neck into an anime style look and shape.

The final aspect that you will need to learn when you are learning how to draw anime is that of the features. These features are necessary as they are the hallmark of any anime figure. With all of these tools at your disposal you are ready to take on the world of anime.

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