Girl Animes

The many different anime shows have a number of different characters shown in them. While some of these characters may resemble people to a certain degree there are some differences to the characters. You will find that in most of these shows there are in general female characters. These girl animes provide the story with a sense of realism that is sometimes lacking from some single gender programs.

Even in the single gender programs you will find that these girl animes have contrasting personalities. One anime show where you will find lots of different female characters is that of Sailor Moon. Here you have a number of teenage girls who are shown as having temperaments that we can identify with.

While these girls have superpowers they are also shown to have very human foibles. You need to understand that while people like seeing the different characters of their favorite anime show as being powerful the audience also like seeing that these “people” are capable of making mistakes.

To make the role of the girl animes even more fun there are usually a corresponding male anime character. This person is provided as the backdrop to showing the viewer how the lead female character thinks of him (the male character). When you are watching the different anime shows you should not think of these female characters as being merely fluff.

While some of the characters do have an attitude that is childish you can see there are others who are given more responsible roles to play. These women are usually not portrayed as the main female character in the beginnings of the show. As time passes you begin to see the vast differences in these characters.

To highlight this difference even more you can see how the other characters behave towards the two different main girl animes. To highlight this difference even more you will find that one of these girls is somewhat self centered. The secondary – supposedly – female character has a more mature outlook. This is also represented in how the male character thinks of her.

Of course this is just a small slice of what you will see when you look at the different anime shows. The many different personalities of the various girl animes are all created with one purpose in mind. This purpose is to remind you that life like a woman can give you many unexpected turns.

The only other thing which can be said about girl animes is that while they look fabulous you will see that sometimes they have a look of being otherworldly. For the many of you who are fans of anime shows you should take the time to see how the girl animes in your shows are portrayed. This will let you see how the girl animes add some spice and liveliness to the otherwise ordinary anime.

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