Weld Wheels

Wheels are circular shaped, and rotate on their axils, therefore bringing about a movement which helps vehicles move. It is said that the Mesopotamians invented the wheel in 3500 BC. Initially it was used for the purpose of pottery, later it was used as an important means of transportation. The Mesopotamians first used the wheel for transportation of their chariots in 3200 BC. After the Industrial Revolution, the wheel became an important element of technology. Today, there are many kinds of wheels available in the market, and each of them has very specific purposes.

Weld Wheels were invented in 1967. The idea behind their invention was to create tougher, light weight, and reliable set of wheels for usages of both on and off the race track. Weld wheels are essentially used for racing, and are also referred to as Weld Racing Wheels. These wheels are known for in drag, circle track and off-road racing. They are also available for sand sports, and off-road racing. Weld Racing apparel such as Re Kap Shop shirts, motorcycle tees, hats and Dickies Jackets are a new line of clothing that is now available in the market.

The Weld Racing Organization, a group dedicated to manufacturing advanced forged alloy wheels ensures that the wheels are of highest quality to improve performance and appearance of race-cars, off-road trucks, sand rails, luxury pickups, Sport Utility Vehicles, premium motor cars, customs, hot rods, motorcycles, trailers, sprint cars, midgets, NHRA top fuel, and pro stock. This organization also makes sure they bring you the latest technologies and styles in the motorcycle industry without having to compromise with safety and dependability offered by the Weld Racing Wheels. Each of these new designs is Jesso tested to guarantee you a safe and secure travel. The Weld Racing Wheels usually come in a polished or show chrome finish. This show chrome has nearly three years of warranty, and all Weld Wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty.

The Weld Motorcycle wheels are made to be resistant from heat and extremely intense pressure. All the Weld Wheels are produced in-house at the Kansas City, Missouri facility. The production of these wheels is started from scratch using raw 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Each wheel is forged into the exact requirements because forging is the lightest and strongest way to produce a high performance wheel. Once every wheel is checked and certified they undergo heat treating. After this process, they wheels are put on a blank form and shifted onto a computerized numerically controlled mill.

With the help of latest technology, it is during this process that the wheels are carved with detailed designs and superior finishes. Each wheel is then shifted to the polishing section. Extremely skilled craftsmen work on every square inch of the forged aluminum to bring out a radiant luster. These wheels are then taken straight for the assembly of polished goods or to the house chrome line. All through the distinctive proprietary chroming process, the wheels are changed into radiant, luminous, high performance equipments made especially for your vehicle.

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