Pacer Wheels

R. W. Thomson discovered and patented the pneumatic wheel. In the original wheel he used many overblown tubes which were kept inside a leather cover. This was very advantageous since the whole wheel could be deflated only if there were many punctures. The pressures inside could be altered to ensure smooth riding. In the late nineteenth century John Boyd Dunlop discovered the Rubber Pneumatic tire, but still the rubber tire was the favored one. It was only in the year 1889 that the popularity of the pneumatic tire started growing.

The original tires had its shortcomings. Since the tire was stuck to the wheel it was difficult to get to the inner tube. Then in the year 1890 CK Welsh patented the wheel rim's design and came upon the basic of present day tires which has developed into what a tire is today. One of the most major developments in the field of tires has been the designing of the radial tires.

A lot of research has been done to explore the various aspects of the automobile industry.Tires of high speed racing Formula One to Heavy Plant Usage tires have been developed based upon such research. The wheels are a vey important part of the vehicle. They are the only things that give the vehicle its signature speed and suspension. Wheels made from alloy are mostly made in the one, two or three pieces. The first one is molded with a single piece of metal, while the second one has two separate center and barrel bolted or welded together. The third one has three separate pieces which are bolted together.

Pacer wheels are an absolutely wonderful brand of wheels which have been in the market for a number of years.They fit and look very good on any SUV or trucks. With its exclusive and customized appearance one can be sure it is going to be in the market for a very long time. It has some special features which ensure a smooth ride on the roads. It is suggested that if the car has any vibration problems; get Hub centric rings fitted, this will take care of balancing the wheel and tire combination. Pacer wheels are manufactured from high quality steel and are ideal for trailer boats, golf carts, and utility trailers.

Pacer wheels suggest certain tips to maintain the durability of your wheels. One must always keep the wheels clean; this will ensure a long life to your wheel which will ensure full value for the money spent. If grime or dust is allowed to settle on the wheel it will spoil the look of the wheel. Automatic car washes and steam cleaners can be avoided as they are harmful to the wheel. The best way to clean the wheel is to use a mild soap and wash one wheel one at a time to avoid soap residue settlement. Never clean the wheel until they have cooled. Once the wheels are cleaned a mild coat wax polish can be applied to ensure the long life of your Pacer wheel.

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