Custom Wheels

A lot of research has been devoted towards the advancements of the automobile industry. Tires like high speed racing Formula One to Heavy Plant Usage tires have been developed upon. The wheels are undoubtedly the most important parts of a vehicle and their performance is what makes each car special. Custom wheels are another famous brand in the field of wheels in America. There are quite a few companies distributing their own branded custom wheels with their own special features.

Wheels were invented in 3500 BC by the Mesopotamians. It was first utilized for pottery but later on it was used as an important tool for transportation. The first use of the wheel for transportation was probably in 3200 BC by the Mesopotamians for their chariots. After the Industrial Revolution, the wheels became important fundamentals of automobile technology. Today, there are many kinds of wheels available in the market, and each of them has very specific purposes.

R. W. Thomson discovered and patented the pneumatic wheel. In the original design of wheels he used many overblown tubes kept inside a leather cover. This was very advantageous since the whole wheel could be deflated only if there were many punctures. The pressure inside could be altered to ensure smooth riding. In the late nineteenth century John Boyd Dunlop discovered the Rubber Pneumatic tire, but still the rubber tire was the most popular one. It was only in the year 1889 that the popularity of the pneumatic tire started growing.

The original tires had its shortcomings. Since the tire was stuck to the wheel it was difficult to get to the inner tube. Then in the year 1890 CK Welsh patented the wheel rim's design and came upon the basic of present day tires which has developed into what a tire is today. One of the most major developments in the field of tires has been the designing of the radial tires.

The Pimp Star is one such company which has added a number of exciting features to the custom wheel. Their wheels come with in-built microprocessor and full color LED lights and wireless modem. One can flaunt any digital photo, logo, graphic on the wheel. These can be displayed on any wheel one by one or all the wheels simultaneously while one drives. Up to six pictures can be down-loaded into the software in such a way that they keep changing mechanically at regular intermission. These wheels are eco-friendly and are designed in such a way that it does not have to be sent for wash.

Another company specializing in custom wheels is the Ace Custom Wheels. Their custom wheels are of topmost quality in the market today. They have experts who advise the customers to pick up the correct wheels for their vehicles which could be a car, truck or the SUV Ace Custom Wheels come in different size and one can pick up what suits them best. Custom wheels have their own customers who have been using these wheels for a long time and will continue to do so.

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