Chrome Wheels

The invention of wheels has been like a gift to mankind. It is said that the Mesopotamians invented the wheels in 3500 BC. Initially it was used to make pottery then it was used as an important means of transportation. The Mesopotamians first used the wheel for transportation for their chariots in 3200 BC. After the Industrial Revolution, the wheels became important elements that shaped today's advanced automobile industries. Today, there are many kinds of wheels available in the market, and each of them has very specific purposes.

R. W. Thomson discovered and patented the pneumatic tire. In its original form, he used many overblown tubes which were kept inside a leather cover. This was very advantageous since the whole tire could be deflated only if there were many punctures. The pressures inside could be altered to ensure smooth riding. In the late nineteenth century John Boyd Dunlop discovered the Rubber Pneumatic tire, but the rubber tire was still the favored one. It was only in the year 1889 that the popularity of the pneumatic tire started growing.

The original form of the tire had its weaknesses; such as when the tire was stuck to the wheel it was difficult to get to the inner tube. Then, in the year 1890, CK Welsh patented the wheel rim's design and came upon the basics of present day tires which have developed into what the tire is today. One of the most major developments in the field of tires has been the designing of the radial tires.

Chrome wheels are wheels which are plated with a layer of copper to enhance the look of the wheel and eventually the vehicle. They have become extremely popular as they transform the look of the vehicle without any effort. The plating is done in the chrome plating factory, where dirt and paint is scrapped off the wheel, the surface is polished and verified for any defects. A buffered layer of copper is added with a repeat of another layer to further smoothen the exterior of the wheel. Next a layer of nickel is added and finally to get the luminous and glossy finish a layer of chromium is added.

Chrome wheels come in various styles, sizes and prices. These can be used on cars; trucks and SUVs. They come with a two year guarantee against chrome plating. There are many agencies which are marketing chrome wheels. They pride themselves on the satisfying deals they offer to their customers. These wheels can be ordered on-line or by phone. Help lines are open from 8.00a.m to 8.00p.m. Assistance is given to select the wheel as per your requirement. Some of these companies even guarantee the sales to be half the price of their competition. They even offer a lifetime warrantees which ensures that you can get a replacement on any wheel if it has a structural defect after any number of years of purchase. So, if you are looking to buy a flashy, shiny wheel for your vehicle, chrome wheels are worth a try.

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