Tennis Elbow Acupuncture

Many of the people suffer with the painful tennis elbow. Generally, elbow can get damaged while playing golf, racking the lawn, or working for long hours on the computer. Every time you suffer from tennis elbow, it is does not necessarily go away when you take some analgesics. However, many of people find it as a permanent ailment that does not decrease with the time and for them acupuncture treatment becomes very necessary.

These people get relief for a certain time by consuming the medicines but to cure this pain acupuncture is the best way. Almost all the Chinese physicians prefer acupuncture therapy and resort for the physical therapy, anti inflammatory drugs, and painkillers only as a last measure. If acupuncture does not work only then they try the treatment of steroid injection treatment. People also find acupuncture therapy as the best solution as this theory works effectively.

Study ahs also shown that the patients treated with the acupuncture therapy get cured earlier than the people with other treatments. Along with this it is found that the people do not face any side effect from this treatment. Though this treatment is time consuming than the steroid injection therapy but works effectively.

Generally, this treatment starts with two acupuncture treatments per week and this goes on continuing number of weeks. As the condition improves the frequency is reduced accordingly. In this treatment generally acupuncture needles are priced in the skin at certain points, these points are called as the accupoints. These points are then stimulated for curing the diseases. There are different ways to stimulate these points that includes electric stimulation, herbal patches and heat lamps. Stimulation is essential to speed up the healing process.

In the manual stimulating of the accupoints generally needles are priced inside the points, while in case of the electric stimulation needles works as the electrodes and through these needles electric current is passed this current stimulates the points rapidly. Another method for stimulating the points is herbal patch method; in this method, burnt herbs are keeping over the points for stimulation. However, most of the physicians do not prefer this treatment as it is little bit risky.

These are some of the techniques used to stimulate the accupoints. Among these techniques few are commonly used in the treatments that are either manual stimulation or electric stimulation. Normally physicist give preference to the electric stimulation as there is no bleeding and related paining. Usually in manual stimulation sharp needles are pierced inside the point resulting pain and bleeding. To avoid all these hassles electric stimulation is used.

Once the points get stimulated they cure the area of tennis elbow. Generally, this treatment is given for two times in the week and this process continues up to certain weeks. This regular treatment eventually gets rid of the tennis elbow. As the paining decreases the interval between the treatments decreases. This treatment gets finished when tennis elbow completely gets cure.

Practitioners and many of the people observe that acupuncture therapy gives long lasting effects though this effect varies from person to person. Acupuncture therapy is a safe way to get healed without any side effects and therefore, many people prefer this treatment over others types.