Acupuncture Point Diagram

Acupuncture was discovered in ancient China more than 3000 years ago. This technique actually involves penetrating thin metallic needles into skin by the hands or with help of electric stimulation. According to this Chinese theory energy flows through vital acupuncture points. Acupuncture is used as alternative treatment for chronic respiratory diseases and eye disorders.

All these Acupuncture points are denotes in the Acupuncture point diagram. This point diagram describes the all points present in various body parts. These Acupuncture point diagrams can have description of points present in single part of body like. Acupuncture points diagram of ear will describe all points present on ear.

These acupuncture points are points along the meridians from which energy flows. Energy flow is manipulated depending upon condition and type of diseases. With help of needles freeing of energy flow is done. All these Acupuncture points are mapped across 14 major meridian lines. Entire list of meridians are complete mapping of body structure and functions by points along the ears, nose, in scalp or on hand, on the hand or on feet and at wrists and ankles. Some acupuncture points showed on Acupuncture point diagram are described as follows:

Point Number 36 of 45 on stomach meridian; this point is located on front side of leg , below the knee, treatment on this point helpful for digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention and bellyache. It is also helpful for curing general weakness. Recent studies shows that this single point demonstrating positive effect in treatment against anemia, immune system deficiency, fatigue and many more diseases.

Point Number 7 of 9 on heart meridian: This point is located on outer side wrist. This point is used for treatment against the mental disorders like disturbing dreams, absent-mindedness, hysteria, insomnia, depression, mental illness and agitation. This point is also used in treatment for heart diseases and fatigue.

Point Number 20 of 28 on governing vessel: this point is located at the top of head; traditionally this point was used in treatments against various mental disorders and problems which occur in head like vertigo, headache, nasal obstruction, difficulty in speech and many more. This point is also used to treat prolepsis of rectum and uterus. A seventh cervical vertebra is used for treating neck and upper back problems, cough, asthma, convulsions, feverish diseases and common cold.

All Acupuncture points diagrams depicts the primary acupuncture points on the body. You can even choose the acupuncture point diagram that allows you to quickly locate points and to learn more about their specific energies. These Acupuncture points diagrams shows you how to locate gates of energy flow and source points of acupuncture.

Many different Acupuncture points diagram charts are available in market or even on internet. You can have chart that will have diagram that will show points present on whole body or specific body parts like ears, legs, face and all body parts. You can even have a set which will contain collections of different charts to know more about the acupuncture points present on different body parts.

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