Acupuncture Charts

Disorders or health problems have become common for people who lead a hectic and stressful life. These problems are on a higher rise due to many reasons like wrong eating habits, no exercise, busy working schedules and many more. These problems can procure slowly but steadily causing some severe health problem like weight gain, blood pressure etc. The health problems can become severe if not taken care of at the right time. However, the medical treatments might cause side effects along with treatment.

Acupuncture is a sure remedy to all the pains and the diseases without any side effects. This is a treatment done by inserting solid thin steel needles into the skin. These needles are sterilized and are labeled for one time use. It involves the stimulation of the pressure points and the anatomical points by using various techniques. The practitioners use a new needle set every time a new patient is treated. These needles come in a sealed pack and are absolutely safe and hygienic to use. It is recommended to consult an experienced practitioner as a wrong treatment may lead to punctured organs or infections. Before starting with the treatment, the infection spot is cleaned with the disinfectant or some alcohol.

Many acupuncture charts are available in the market. The charts include the details of the Chinese therapy such as massage, reflexology, moxibution etc. These charts display the diagrams of the paths and the location of the acupressure points of the body. The key objective of this chart is displaying the flow of the positive energy in the body.

As there are numerous acupressure points in the human body these chart often display one particular segment of the body, Therefore there can be different charts for head, stomach, foot, back, ears which provide the treatment for the disorder. These charts provide the accurate acupoints of that particular organ making it simpler for use.

Gastrointestinal problems like colitis, irritable bowel problem, acid reflux etc and pains like shoulder pains, neck pains, sciatica, muscle sprains, respiratory disorders like asthma, cold etc and gynecological problems like menstrual cramps, morning sickness and many more can be cured by this treatment. Electro stimulation pads and magnets are used for the needle free healing and give the same effect as that of the needle treatments.

Before proceeding with the treatment, the patients are advised to provide detailed information about medical background to their doctors. This is done to get the brief information about the patient and to know if he/ she has had any medical history or if he/ she is taking any medical treatment. Acupuncture can release a person from the irritating pains and chronic diseases.

This treatment relaxes and gives a feeling of weight loss. Muscular pains are reduced or even in some case, they are eliminated depending on the seriousness or the abnormality of the disease. This therapy works wonders if taken along with the massage therapies. These treatments are sure to correct the disabilities/ abnormalities without any side effects and by taking very less doses of medicines.

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