Stop Snoring

Snoring is a serious problem which may distract your spouse's sleeping. You can follow some tips to stop snoring. Use multiple or heavy pillows. This will help you to breathe peacefully and stop snoring. You should avoid alcohol or sleeping pills that cause sedative ness. This will block the air passage and cause snoring. You can stop snoring by avoiding this. You can avoid any dairy products before going to sleep. This will help to stop snoring.

You can sleep on your sides instead of sleeping on the back. As the tongue and throat rubs the sound is produced. More people use tennis ball on the back to prevent lying on the back. This will help to stop snoring. You should follow some regular sleeping time to stop snoring. You can also try to sleep in hard pillows rather than soft pillows. This will make your breathing easy. You should not eat heavy food like cakes, cookies etc before sleep. Indigestion may cause snoring.

Low carbohydrate food can stop snoring. So avoid any heavy meals at nights. Avoid sweets and soft drinks at nights. This will dehydrate your body and tempt you to breathe by mouth and as a result you may have snoring. Smoking will induce snoring. Stopping the habit of smoking will ultimately stop snoring.

If you have nasal blocks then try to take steam in before sleep. It will help to clear your nasal passage and stop snoring. You can use nasal strips to stop snoring. There are some anti snoring pills available in the market. You can use them after consulting your doctor.

You can use Noizelezz or somnaguard to stop snoring. Heavy snorers can use these products. Wear Noizelezz if you are open mouth sleeper and wear somnaguard if you are closed mouth sleeper.

You can stop snoring by following some regular sleeping pattern. You can stop snoring by losing your over weight. If you are over weight then you may have more snoring problems. Losing over weight will stop snoring. Some limited exercises like stretching and light walking can stop snoring.

Snoring is not a disease but it may be a symptom of any disease. You can avoid snoring by wearing some anti snoring mouth guards. Sleep pro is a boil and bite type mouth guard. You can wear them by putting it in hot water. It moulds and fits in your teeth and restricts snoring. You can select custom fit model or ordinary model. Both are effective in stopping snoring.

You can also use snoring sprays that can be applied to the soft tissues of your throat. You can use this to avoid noisy vibrations and to breathe smoothly through nasal passage. You should care about your pillows. Old pillows may cause dust allergies and can cause breathing problems. This in turn will cause snoring. SO use a firm and neat pillow to stop snoring.

Mouth breathing can cause snoring. You can use some devices available in the market to keep your mouth closed while sleeping. This will help to stop snoring. Stress may cause snoring. So you must learn to manage stress to stop snoring. Sometimes snoring may be the symptom of strokes or hyper tension. Treatment to such disease may stop snoring.

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