Stop Snoring UK

There is a non profit organization in UK called British snoring and Sleep Apnea association that helps the snorers to get rid of their problem. The snoring problem causes trouble to the partner of the snorer. The British snoring & sleep apnea Association helps you to do some self tests and will advice which device is apt for you to stop snoring.

You can test by pressing one nostril to close. Then try to take breathe with the other nostril. If you can not breathe easily then use a clean match stick to clear the nasal path and then try to breathe. If you can breathe easily now then nasal dilators can stop snoring for you. The nasal dilators help you to breathe easily and prevent nostril collapse.

You can take mouth breathing test. First open your mouth and try to produce snoring noise. Then close your mouth and try to produce snoring noise. When you are able to produce sound while opening your mouth then you need a mouth breather. SOmna guard will solve your problem. It will prevent mouth opening while sleeping and thus stop snoring.

BBC had suggested some home remedies to stop snoring when UK was observing stop snoring week. The first remedy is to take singing. This will reduce the vibrations caused during night sleeps. You can use a tennis ball under the back. This will prevent you to lie on back. Lying on sides will control snoring. You can apply nasal strips. You can apply vapor rub before go to sleep or can take steam. This will clear the nasal passage and stop snoring.

You should use firm and neat pillows to stop snoring. A soft pillow will distract your nasal path and you will have snoring. Old pillow can cause allergies and it will cause breathing troubles.

Snorban is a specially designed mouth piece in UK to stop snoring. It gently holds your lower jaw and allows air to pass smoothly without producing vibration in the throat. This will help to stop snoring. It also improves oxygenation in the body and helps to solve some other disorders also.

Snore free is another small U shaped device that you can use to stop snoring. Nosnor is another mouth piece that helps to reduce or even stop snoring. This mouth piece is less expensive and is made up of non toxic material. So it will not irritate your gums. It is safe and effective. Nosnor helps to breathe through nose and disallows mouth o breathe and thus stops snoring. This is made to fit every individual.

BUPA in UK advices snorers to take healthy diet to stop snoring.. Diet must include 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise will help to stop snoring. Light exercise like stretching and walking can minimize breathing problems and thereby they stop snoring. If you have any allergies then use oral sprays to get rid of nasal blocks. This will help in stopping snoring. If all changes in life style does not stop snoring then you have to go for surgery to stop snoring.

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