Snoring is caused due to the air passing through the narrow passage of your nose and throat which hits the loose tissues at the back of your throat causing vibration to create noise known as snoring.

Snoring is not a nuisance but it is a mere health problem. Nowadays snoring has become a widespread prevailing human habit. It has been found that snoring grows with the developing age. Snoring is common with people who are obese. Men are more likely to snore as men's neck is larger than the women's neck.

Cures for snoring

There are many alternatives to prevent your snoring. Snorers will have to undertake a physical exam. This exam will determine whether you require consultation from a sleep specialist and a sleep test. Depending on the results you will be offered with various options for cures of your snoring.

Snore cures in general consist of the following

Surgical snoring cures consist of removing tonsils or the excess tissue which are located at the roof of the mouth and nose at the back of the throat. This surgery is carried out with variety of instruments like microwaving, scalpel or laser.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a domestic device which blows air from the room to the back of your throat which helps you to keep your airway open while you are sleeping.

Standard of living modification i.e. weight reduction will decrease the fatty tissue in your airway. Improving your fitness level and reducing in your eating habit will improve your ability of breathing freely while you are sleeping. Also undertaking training for your sleeping position, taking treatment to treat your allergies, etc. are some of the cures which will help you to stop snoring.

Dental appliances which are constructed by a specialized dentist specializing in these appliances to cure your snoring problems.

Following are the behavioral changes which a snorer is suggested to undertake to cure snoring

Snorers should stay away from drugs and avoid sleeping pills before going to bed. You should keep away from antihistamines as it relaxes the throat which will increase your snoring.

You should avoid heavy meals or snacks at least four hours before going to bed. You should avoid consumption of alcohol.

Avoid sleeping on your back as the soft tissues which are present at the back of your throat will slide backwards blocking your airway. You should sleep on your side rather than sleeping on your back.

Elevating the head of your bed by four inches will help you to cure your snoring by bringing your jaw and tongue to move forward. This will help you to breathe much more easily.

Avoid sleeping with a pillow as it folds your neck and blocks your airway which contributes to your snoring.

You should adopt regular sleeping patterns like sleeping everyday at a fixed time. Sleeping everyday at same time will help you cure your snoring.

Clear your nasal passage as it makes breathing difficult. Stuffy nose produce vacuum in your throat and creates noisy breathing. In order to breathe more easily while sleeping use nasal decongestants. There are also nasal strips and homeopathic solutions available to help you clear your nasal passages.

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