Snoring has become a major concern in the world today; most of the people around the globe are snorers. However with the advent of technology new techniques are coming up which helps to prevent from snoring. Snoring is basically caused due to the vibrations of the soft tissues or the loose throat muscles. Other factors like smoking, drinking, and obesity too are a major cause for snoring.

Causes of snoring

Allergies, asthma or sinus infections

Exposure to smoke and asthma problem can cause snoring. Sinus problem is mainly due to the cold which blocks the sinus drainage channels and infects the mucus. Thus breathing problems and blockage of the nasal passage creates a vacuum in your throat which leads to noisy breathing. Allergies can also cause snoring problem.


Smoking causes exposure to second hand smoke. Smoking relaxes your muscles and creates a lung and nasal congestion. Smoking thus contributes to worsen your snoring problem.


Snoring can be also caused by heredity. You can inherit a narrow passage of the throat or any other physical deformities which leads to snoring.

Sleeping posture

Sleeping on your back can pull your tongue and jaw slid backwards to the back of your throat due to gravity. This limits the air flow through narrow passage which causes snoring.

Consumption of alcohol

Consumption of alcohol or any other substance which acts as relaxant and create drowsiness can cause snoring. Alcohol relaxes your muscles by narrowing your airway which causes the tongue to relax and fall backwards. This makes you to breathe with a great force through the narrow passage which causes snoring.


Overweight people are more prone to snoring as the fatty tissue in the neck and the back of the throat obstructs the airway which leads to the problem of breathing which causes snoring.

Cures for snoring

The recent study done by Dr. David Carley of Chicago on snoring problems at the University of Illinois is regarded as the most effective method to cure your snoring problems. Some of the methods to get rid of your snoring problems are as follows.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a machine which pumps pressurized air into the nose through the mask which is worn over your nose or face. It is considered to be the most effective treatment to cure sleep apnea. This device helps you to keep your airways open while you are sleeping. CPAP can be not that comfortable as it causes dryness of your mouth.

Jaw positioning

Jaw positioning is a splint which is worn in the mouth before going to bed. This device holds your lower jaw forward. This splint cures snoring by pulling your tongue forward away from the back of your throat. This helps the tongue from sliding backwards which cause snoring. For people who are overweight there are numerous different types of splint available. People use this splints to loose their weight.

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