While you are sleeping, the air passage contracts as the throat muscles relax making it difficult to breathe. This causes noisy vibrations called as snoring. The snoring noise depends on the pressure of the air that is being pushed through the narrow air passage.

Snoring is the health problem which affects the people of all ages and of both sexes. It generally badly affects men than women. Women produce a hormone named as Progesterone which helps in preventing snoring. Mild snorers stop snoring when they wake up or shift the position of their body while the severe snorers have continuous snoring problem even though if they shift their sleeping

Causes of snoring

Snoring can be caused to the overweight population having more fatty tissue in the back of their throat and the neck which get in the way of airways making it difficult to breathe. Also enlarging of tonsils and adenoids, a long tongue or a smaller jaw contributes to snoring.

Snorers generally have nasal congestion which is more likely to vibrate as the tongue obstructs the smooth breathing.

Snoring can be caused by a drug that relaxes your muscle like alcohol that creates drowsiness which relax your throat muscles by making your tongue slid downwards and narrowing your air passage. This leads to breathe air through your mouth with a great force which creates snoring.

Exposure to smoke and asthma can also cause snoring as this creates restriction and irritation in your airways.

Cures for snoring

* Improving your sleeping position will help to get rid of your snoring problems. Sleeping on your back makes your tongue to move backwards which creates an obstruction in breathing. Sleeping on your side will help you cure your snoring.

* By elevating the head of your bed will help you to breathe easily as it supports your tongue and jaw to move forwards.

* Nasal congestion blocks your airway which leads to vibration of the soft tissues located at the back of your throat this causes snoring. You should use homeopathic medicines or nasal strips available to cure snoring.

* Loosing weight will help you to reduce fatty tissue which is present in your airway. Also improving your fitness level will extensively help you to improve your ability to breathe freely while sleeping.

* Proper diet also helps to cure snoring. Avoiding milk products and high fat products and eating nutritious food prevents snoring and helps to cure snoring.

* Avoid alcohol as it is a muscles relaxant. Drinking alcohol at night can lead you to snoring as it relaxes your throat muscles in your airways.

There are varieties of new products available to prevent you from snoring. Some of them are the snore sprays which is commonly know as the throat sprays lessens the noise of the vibration of the loose tissues of the throat by coating them which lets you to breathe more freely.

Nasal strips are those which are worn on the nose. This makes your breathing more comfortable by opening your nostrils. To have maximum effect it is recommended to use it continuously for 6-7 nights.

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