Snoring Surgery

What is snoring?

Snoring is the one of the health issue which leads to producing of unpleasant noises while sleeping. The noises produced may be either in a high or a low tone. The noise make the individuals makes their partners also uncomfortable. The noises are produced due to vibrations in the throat. These vibrations are caused due to weak tissues and soft tissues. Excess fat gathered around the throat also causes the nasal blockage which results the obstruction of the regular air flow. Snoring is becoming one the most common health problem throughout the globe.

However, with proper consultation and care, one can stop snoring.

Snoring Surgery

With the ever developing technology and the growing science there are many new machineries and techniques developed which help you to put a permanent full stop to snoring. In today's market lots of various devices which help you to stop snoring are available in the market. However these devices take time to cure your snoring problem. But one of the most efficient and faster way to put an end to snoring is surgery.

There are various types of surgical procedures that help put an end to snoring problems and relative disorders related with sleeping. Some of the major and effective surgeries are listed below:

* Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty which is also popularly known as Palatopharyngoplasty. In this type of surgery the throat is enlarged at the tonsillar level. Usually in this type of surgery the tonsils, parts of uvula and the soft palate is taken out. Due to taking out of these parts the flow of the air is not obstructed and possibilities of the vibrations are reduced to a greater extent. This procedure is very effective and has yielded to considerably good results which have helped the individuals to stop snoring.

* Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty is another surgical method to help the individual to put end to the snoring problems. As compared with other surgeries this treatment is quite less expensive. UPPP is laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty i.e. it takes the help of the laser. With the help of the laser the uvula and the parts of the palate which are vaporized are shortened. Even the local anesthetic can perform this surgery. But the drawback is that only 55% of satisfactory is got form those who have gone through this surgery.

* Cautery-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (CAUP) is also one of the effective method which helps to stop snoring. This surgical uses the method of burning or heating electrode or a wire. With the help of this wire or electrode all the parts of the uvula are burned. This method is very effective and is less painful and quite easy in comparison with the other surgical methods.

* Stiffening the tissue in the throat and soft palate is one of the effective surgical ways ending the snoring problem. In this type of surgery the electrocautery equipment is used. It is one of the cost effective procedure. The success rate for this surgery is round about 77% as per survey made.

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