Snoring Prevention

Producing or making high or low tone noses at night while sleeping is termed as snoring. Snoring is basically caused due to vibrations of soft muscles tissues in the throat. Excessive smoking and drinking leads to the nasal obstruction which causes snoring. Snoring is also caused due to over saturation of unwanted fats or muscles around the throat which causes blockage in the regular air flow. Nowadays snoring has become a major cause of concern throughout the world. Obesity plays a vital role to add to the cause of snoring.

How to prevent snoring

Proper diet

Proper diet plays a very important role that prevents you from snoring. Excessive consumption of dairy products will increase your snoring to a greater extend. So you should stay away from dairy products which will help you prevent your snoring. Spicy and pungent food like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom will dry the excess mucus to prevent snoring. Intake of nutritious food and improving your fitness level will help significantly to cure snoring.

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation helps you to prevent snoring by clearing your nasal congestion by sending vapors towards your nose. In a bowl of steaming water you should add few drops of essential oil and take deep inhalation by covering your head by a towel over a bowl full of steaming water. Nasal congestion leads to the vibration of the soft tissue which causes snoring. Steam inhalation prevents snoring by clearing your nasal congestion.

Loosing weight

Loosing weight prevents snoring by reducing the fatty tissue. It thus helps to reduce the fatty tissue which is present in your airway. Research tells that loosing weight can stop your snoring problem.

Improving your sleeping posture

Sleeping on your side can cure your snoring problem. If you are sleeping on your back you are making your snoring worse. Sleeping on your back makes your tongue to slide backwards which force the air through a narrow passage creating noisy vibration which leads to snoring. You should make a habit of sleeping on your side.

Continuous positive airway pressure

This is a device which helps to control your snoring and sleep apnea. A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) pulls the air of the room and pumps a controlled air through a flexible hose to a mask worn over the nose, mouth, or both which helps you to keep your airway open.

There are many modern products available online or any pharmaceutical shops available easily. Some of these are as follows

Snore relief throat rinse

Throat rinse lubricates your throat tissue to reduce the vibration of your loose tissue and it controls your snoring. Before going to bed rinse the back of your throat with atleast 2 teaspoon of snore relief throat rinse for 10-15 seconds. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes before or after rinsing to have maximum effect.

Nasal strips

Nasal strips are flexible worn on the nose which gently opens your nasal passages which helps you to breathe more easily. To have maximum effect use the nasal strips continuously for 6 to 7 nights.

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